Ever feel like life is a bit like driving in the fast lane? It takes so much work just to keep up and stay inside the lines that before you know it, you’re plowing through each day unaware of the damage to both you and those around you.


August 18, 2013

In the times in our walk with Jesus when we may lose site of the fire, joy and enthusiasm of following Him, we can hit the reset button and decide … no reserve, no retreat and no regrets.

Time for Change

August 25, 2013

RESET series, part one

With God’s help and His power, we can make a better choice to turn around and get back in step with Him.

Choose Peace

September 01, 2013

RESET series, part two

Everyone has the God-given emotion: anger. When we have courage and the desire to hit the reset button, God helps us deal with the results of conflicts that cause our anger.

What Do Christ Followers Believe about Marriage

September 08, 2013

RESET series, part three

Marriage is not easy. When challenges or conflicts arise, hitting the RESET button can restore peace and harmony and build a strong, enjoyable, meaningful marriage — with Jesus at the center.

Power of Parents

September 15, 2013

Reset series, part four

Discover the three basic things the Bible says every parent must do for their children.

Change Your Thinking about Sex

September 22, 2013

RESET series, part six

In this frank discussion on the issues of sex,  get a glimpse of God’s plan for sexual fulfillment in marriage.

Time for a Reset

September 29, 2013

RESET: When You Need a Fresh Start Six-week series:
Series Conclusion

Ever feel like life is like driving in the fast lane? Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs tackles those things that get us off course. But no matter how far we’ve gone, God provides us the tools to reset and start over.