It’s easy to think of the Psalms as just beautiful songs and poems we can go to when we want to get some encouragement. But the Psalms are much more than that–they’re an excellent representation of humanity’s transparent struggles with faith, suffering, and God’s presence.

The Psalms show us pain, joy, and insight into the boundless love God has for us. They demonstrate God’s unchanging promises to us no matter our circumstances. They’re realistic, clear, and remind us there’s nothing He can’t handle.

This November, Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs will take us through the Psalms to help us better understand God’s greatness and faithfulness.

Have Mercy on Me, O God

November 04, 2018

You cannot heal what you don’t acknowledge.

Every Day Matters

November 11, 2018

God is eternal. Life is temporary.

Intentional Gratitude

November 18, 2018

Even in our trial-filled, temporary world, God loves us.

God’s Protection

November 25, 2018

Fear can paralyze us if we focus on what we fear rather than God who can cast out fear.