Let Love Rule

September 27, 2015

What do we need to do to become more loving?

What is Joy?

October 04, 2015

The Bible’s definition of “joy” is completely different than Webster’s definition.


October 11, 2015

If we trust God, even when everything around us is falling apart, we can be peacemakers, have peace with God, and experience the peace of God.


October 18, 2015

Patience is Christ-centered contentment, and there’s only one way to obtain it.

What is Kindness?

October 25, 2015

The Holy Spirit empowers us to be kind to others, because we remember how kind God has been to us.


November 01, 2015

God is good and out of His goodness, He demonstrates His love for us.

Faithfulness – Lance Ward

November 08, 2015

Faithfulness is walking by the Holy Spirit, treasuring Christ’s faithfulness, and prizing the math of monotony.

Faithfulness – Deidre Franklin

November 08, 2015

Faithful people proclaim and serve the Faithful One.


November 15, 2015

Spirit-filled gentleness is wise, humble, rewarded and the very nature of Jesus.


November 22, 2015

Self-control is the key to overcoming the battles in our lives.