How often to we find ourselves crying out to God in times of trouble, but feeling self-sufficient when everything is going well? How many times do we wonder whether God is around when our prayers go unanswered? Do we prioritize relationships in our church, community, and family that bring us closer to God?

When we think about intimacy with God and an honest, loving relationship with him, we can think it’s out of reach for us or reserved for only certain people. We can assume closeness with God is not possible because of who we are and what we do, but that’s simply not true.

This summer, Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs will dive deeper into these and other topics in the series, Closer: You’re Never Alone. As Marty leads us through this series, we will discover that God is with us no matter what–and he’s closer than we can imagine.


June 02, 2019

Sometimes the answers to our prayers are standing right in front of us.

Hearing God’s Voice

June 09, 2019

God is always with us. How eager are we to hear him speak?

Are You Listening?

June 16, 2019

God wants to speak to us. Are we ready to hear his gentle whisper?

How Does God Speak to Me?

June 23, 2019

God uses our trials and difficulties to remind us how much he loves us.

Listen for His Voice

June 30, 2019

We follow Jesus because we trust him and know his voice.

The Valley of Dry Bones

June 30, 2019

“Then he said to me: “Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel. They say, ‘Our bones are dried up and our hope is gone; we are cut off.’” — Ezekiel 37:11 NIV