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Pasby Family

A Folly Marriage

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Pasby Family

Getting Back to Their Roots

No one would have ever dreamed that two Freshman Follies performers would now be so very active in church and loving every minute of it! Danielle and Jacob Pasby met at an event put on by the Oklahoma State University freshmen called Freshman Follies. They began dating, fell in love and married, and five and a half years later, they have two boys. Shaffer is 3 1/2 years old, and Hunter is 1 year old.

Danielle grew up in Oklahoma City and received her teaching degree from Oklahoma State University. She taught for 5 years, but now stays home with their children. Jacob grew up in Elk City, Oklahoma and was fairly active in his Methodist church, but really didn’t attend church at OSU. He is now a CPA for a small oil and gas company. Once they decided to have children, they felt it was necessary to get back into church like many of young couples who were raised in church.

Diving In

They began attending another local church but never got plugged in. Danielle said, “My stepmom, Nicole McConnell, was active in teaching children’s Sunday School and Vacation Bible School at Crossings and got Shaffer in the Mother’s Day Out program.” For 3 years, the Pasbys worshipped in the Venue with her family, but considered themselves fence sitters. “That was all we did”, said Jacob, “but now we’re 100% plugged in!”

Danielle and Jacob look forward each week to the Young Married Sunday School class taught by Laura and Terry Feix. They also attend a small group that meets on Wednesday evenings led by the Cartwrights. They met this group through the Centered group they attended last fall. “We used a workbook that had weekly topics. The study made us dive deeply into ourselves and the relationships we form,” said Jacob.

The Pasbys have learned to make church a priority through this study. They remember Marty Grubbs instructing the class participants to “stay in the Centered class until the end, even when you don’t feel like you have anything in common with other group members.” The Pasbys did stay in the class and now this group has become so very close. They do life together and go to brunch after church or watch each other’s kids. They are totally connected now.

Completely Connected

They also have worked with LifeTools on Monday evenings and use a curriculum helping give the 4 and 5 year olds Christian life tools good for coping with the ups and downs of life. They love it. Jacob ushers and will soon drive the golf cart on Sunday mornings. They have helped with the backpack drive, and Danielle really enjoys working with Safe Families. This is an evolving, very new program that helps parents with children who are going through a difficult time and attends to their needs. The church is trying to determine how to help the families in the best way possible.

Danielle and Jacob gave an example of what being in community with others is really about. Their youngest son was born with a cleft lip and palate. Before Hunter’s surgery, their small group and some church staff prayed with them. They had dinners brought to their home, and church friends sat with them in the hospital. They were blown away by the love and support!

This couple has made church an integral part of their life. Shaffer now knows the routine. “He knows that when we go to church, he gets to see his friends,” says Danielle. They have all met some great friends! “Being involved is for everyone! It all just evolves,” they agreed. “Most people just don’t realize how much God is doing through Crossings church!” said Danielle. The people at Crossings are the church, and they are thrilled to be part of it!

“A Folly Marriage” written by Misti Aduddell, Crossings Volunteer Writing Team Member.

Learning to Listen

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Yearning to Be Closer

I have been a Christian all of my adult life. During that time, I have always desired a closer relationship with Jesus and have done various things to develop that. I have attended Bible classes, and have even taught Bible classes to help me cultivate this closer experience. In my efforts to know Christ, I have read some of the greatest authors of our time: C.S. Lewis, Richard Foster, N.T. Wright, and Max Lucado, to mention a few. Each of them had valuable lessons for me. However, going through the Centered experience has helped me gain this closer relationship with Jesus more than anything I have done in my 45 years of being a Christian. Centered is structured to help people arrange their lives so they can develop the deeper Christian experience for which, I believe, we are all looking. Centered teaching you how to walk with Jesus.


Listening to Him

The most exciting experience for me through the program was learning how to listen to the Holy Spirit. In my head, I know the Holy Spirit has been with me since I became a Christian, but I did not understand or know how to listen. I have always wanted to know what it is like to hear the Holy Spirit speak to me. I mentioned to my Centered group that this was one area in which I struggled. The group immediately started praying for me, both in and outside of class. One of the experiences in Centered is a prayer experience, where we actually went off by ourselves and prayed for forty minutes. During this experience, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me. I have to admit it felt good! Now, today, I actively look for ways the Holy Spirit is guiding me, just as Jesus promised He would. There is no doubt in my mind that God is working through Centered to help spread His Kingdom here on earth. Now that I reflect on it, I know the Holy Spirit led me to Crossings…and to Centered.


Experiencing Life in Christ

Crossings Community Church is a Christ-centered church building Christ-centered people!
This is our mission statement, but have you ever wondered what a Christ-centered person looks like? Centered is our custom-written discipleship experience that was designed for that very reason. Centered is a series of ten conversations pertaining to the essential elements of Christian life. It’s a way to explore the Christian faith in the context of community and to develop habits essential to establishing a day-to-day, conversational relationship with Christ.


This fall, Centered will be offered at three different times:

  • Sundays at 10:45 a.m.
  • Sundays at 6:00 p.m.
  • Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.

Register for classes at


“Learning to Listen” originally published by Gary Alford, Crossings Member, in the Fall 2015 issue of Crossings Magazine.

Centered Resources

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So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. –Colossians 2:6-7 | 12 Parts


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Ricky Zeznanski: A Changed Man

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Dave and Ricky

Ricky and David grab a cup of coffee in the Adult Education Coffee Shop before attending the 8:15 a.m. Discovery Sunday School class.

By John McLemore, Crossings Volunteer Writing Team

Following Blindly

If you have ever doubted God’s power to transform people’s hearts, you need to meet Ricky Zeznanski. He’s a living testament to the saving grace and forgiveness found only through Jesus Christ.

Ricky is a graduate of Living Faith Ministry, a Crossings Christ-centered men’s residential discipleship ministry. He has spent a large part of his life in reformatory homes and state prisons. But just prior to his 2011 release, he got on his knees and asked his Lord and Savior to take complete control of his life. Ricky promised God he would devote himself fully to God and follow him blindly. Four years later, he is employed, owns his own home, and volunteers both as a study leader for a Celebrate Recovery class and in a prison ministry. He also volunteers every Sunday morning operating a video camera during the Sanctuary worship services.

Ricky has spent over 20 years of his life in a correctional facility. His parents were alcoholics, and the only attention he received from them was in the form of abuse. He misbehaved in order to gain the only attention he could get – a childhood cycle that continued into adulthood. As his 2011 release date approached, Ricky no longer believed he could function as a free man.

“I was to the point where I was scared to get out,” recalls Ricky. “I had been in so long, I didn’t know if I wanted out. I had done some really hard time and had witnessed a murder, even stepped over a dead body, and had seen my best friend killed in a race riot in the yard. I began to wonder if I would be next, so I prayed to God, and He told me to follow Him. So I did, and He led me to Living Faith Ministry.”

A New Beginning

After Ricky committed his life to Christ, he received word of three prison aftercare ministries and applied to each. David McBride, Executive Director of Living Faith Ministry, was Ricky’s only response.

“It was probably his persistence and testimony that led me to respond to his application,” shares David, a long-time Crossings member. “There was absolutely nothing on his R.A.P. sheet that encouraged me to bring him in. He had a long, sad story. I used to try to reason it out when I was deciding whether or not to accept an inmate into the ministry. Everything you read says to research and strategize, but that doesn’t work. I usually just pray about it, and God leads me to people like Ricky. He has been on fire for Jesus ever since he reached our door.”

David has room for only 15 men at Living Faith Ministry, so he must be selective about those he accepts into the one-year program. Living Faith helps the men find jobs so they can pay off their debts and fines – and save money for the future. Most importantly, David works to ensure the men make God their top priority.

“Living Faith helped change me,” says Ricky, “and it means about everything to me. I will never really leave it. I still attend services to support the other guys, so they can see there is a way they can do it. I try to show them all things are possible with God, and we can make it out here in life as free men.”

A New Future

In addition to following the Lord with all of his heart, serving Him, and a full-time job in the drywall business, Ricky is reconnecting with his son and twin daughters. He finds daily inspiration through Romans 12:2:

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

“Before I got out, I had never had a driver’s license,” admits Ricky. “I had never paid taxes. I had never lived on my own. I had never done anything. God and the Living Faith Ministry helped me through those times and helped keep me on track.”

Now Ricky has his sights on serving God through a full-time ministry. He does not know where, when or how it will take place but is waiting on God to lead him. “I would like to go into a full-time prison ministry,” he shares. “I feel like I can accomplish a lot there. But wherever God leads me, I will follow.”

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17

The Wyatt Family

A Choice To Serve

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The Wyatt Family

Meaningful Service

Soccer practice, play dates, piano lessons, activities galore! Who can keep up with it all? Better yet, is this the way we really want to schedule our children’s time?

That’s exactly the question parents Jen and Travis Wyatt asked themselves. “We began noticing all of our girls’ activities revolved around them,” Jen stated, “and we knew we needed to change that.” So, instead of opting for another hobby centered on her children, Jen contacted Missions Pastor, Pam Millington. “Pam gave us several ideas about how we could serve as a family. We chose to help out at the Crossings Community Center. I wanted the girls to see that serving God can be done outside the church walls.”

Serving Those In Need

So, Jen and her girls, Cari (7) and Delaney (3), scheduled a time to serve at the Community Center. They helped organize and sort boxes of stickers for the scrapbooking class for The Club, Crossings mentorship program for 7th-12th grade students from John Marshall Middle and High School held at the Center on Thursday afternoons. During their time, Jen also got a chance to show the girls the Clinic and explain to them its purpose. “I want my girls to understand people come from all different backgrounds, and God calls us to serve the needy.”

Learning and Growing

This serving experience has sparked many meaningful conversations for the Wyatt family. “We have referenced their time at the Center in daily conversations as a way to remind the girls that even simple things we do – like sorting stickers – can be a way to serve God,” Travis said. “It’s our job as parents to instill in them a model of compassion and service, which is hard to do in this ‘all about me’ world.”

The Wyatt family plans more serving experiences in their future at additional locations like the food bank. They look forward to seeing how serving others will give their girls a chance to grow in their individual walks with God.

By Danette Boswell, Crossings Volunteer Writing Team

Colleen Bumpas and Student

Crossings Christian School: Living the Dream

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Colleen Bumpas and Student

Savoring the Little Things

Known as Miss Colleen to her preschool students, Colleen Bumpas begins each morning with 16 sweet smiles and 16 big hugs. Lessons in practicing letters, counting numbers, and the “little things” in life—like learning to share—are always a part of their days. Each is intertwined with the stories and example of Christ. As a Christian school, our mission is to provide a college- preparatory education, founded in Christ. God’s work, however, doesn’t stop there. God is at work in the lives of all His children at CCS.

In 2005, things seemed good for the Bumpas family. Bryan, a dentist, and Colleen, a dental hygienist, were both busy working in their dental practice. However, with two little ones at home and a family business, they found it hard to commit to attending church consistently. Colleen was raised in the Catholic church, but feels she spent her time “going through the motions.” Bryan was also raised in the church, but didn’t attend much outside of Christmas or Easter Sunday.

Following God’s Lead

That fall, friends of their family decided to change schools to a fairly new school located in the Belle Isle area: Crossings Christian School. After hearing the chatter about the up-and-coming school, Colleen decided to take a tour as well. It didn’t take long for the Bumpas family to know they wanted their kids to be a part of what was happening at CCS. They could see there was something different; the education was good, and while they “weren’t sure about all this ‘Jesus stuff,’ it certainly couldn’t hurt.”

The Bumpas children, Colton and Brennan, began attending CCS a short time later. Making the crosstown drive multiple times a day to pick up a half-day preschool student and again for their full- day kindergartner was overwhelming, but Colleen loved the Bible stories retold during the car rides. Having never read the Bible, Colleen picked up a children’s Bible to learn more. She was fascinated by what she read and couldn’t get enough.

Teacher conferences soon rolled around, and Bryan and Colleen were surprised when their child’s teacher wanted to begin in a time of prayer. Colleen says, “I was amazed that she would want to interrupt the God of the universe to pray for my daughter. I was a little embarrassed to have tears in my eyes, but I was touched.”

Eager for Jesus

One Sunday, Bryan and Colleen decided to visit Crossings Community Church after being invited to attend with their CCS teacher. According to Colleen, “We didn’t realize how hungry we were for Jesus. We spent almost a year taking it all in and processing what we were learning in church.” In the fall of 2006, they were eager to join in a church-wide program aimed at reading through the Bible, starting in Romans and working through the various letters of the Bible. It was Colleen’s first time to read an adult Bible, and while sitting at her kitchen table reading the Book of Romans, she knew “it was all real, and I needed Jesus in my heart.” With tears of joy streaming down her face, she asked Him into her heart and knew He had come rushing in.

Growing up, Colleen had dreamt of becoming a teacher, but with life’s changes and a husband in dental school, she knew becoming a dental hygienist would be helpful in their family practice. In the spring of 2013, Colleen felt God’s nudge calling her to live out her childhood dream of being with children by applying for an opening in the CCS preschool department. For Colleen, it was a dream come true! She would be serving in a place “filled with godly teachers, administrators, and faculty who teach, love, and serve children and families every day … a school filled with the presence of God.”

Over the past nine years, the Bumpas family’s journey of faith has grown through their experiences both at Crossings Christian School and Crossings Community Church. After sharing their story with their Community Group as part of Centered, it was clear God was at work in the lives of many CCS families. “What I’ve found is that our story is not unique,” shares Colleen. “We made the move to CCS for our children, but our experiences have allowed our children as well as us, their parents, to come to know Jesus more intimately … and it’s a beautiful thing.”

“Living the Dream” originally published by Teri Inman, CCS Development Director, in the Winter 2014 edition of Crossings Magazine.


Leading People to the Lord

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Don’t Wait to Be Asked

Meet Nathan Evans. He helps lead hundreds of people to God each week–literally. That’s because as a volunteer cart driver in Crossing’s parking lot ministry, Evans actually drives Crossings attendees from their cars in the far reaches of the expansive parking lot to the front doors of the church.

Evans is one of 43 Crossing volunteers who serve in the Parking Lot Ministry. Others serve by directing traffic, setting cones, and helping the young and old alike safely pass over the crosswalks. Evans enjoys driving the cart and meeting people and has also developed close, Christ-centered relationships with other volunteers.”When I decided to volunteer, I didn’t consider that aspect of it and didn’t realize how much those relationships would come to mean to me,” says Evans.

Volunteering did not come easily to him. He’s been active at Crossings for the last 12 years, regularly attending the 20’s Singles Sunday school class, Sunday worship, and Wednesday evening classes, and yet he only began serving in a volunteer capacity last May. For years, Evans sat in the church pew each Sunday morning and read through the list of volunteer opportunities wondering where he could serve God at Crossings. He had considered volunteering as a cart driver, but it wasn’t until he was asked to serve that he gave it a try. He remembers: “I guess I just needed some encouragement, but I would recommend others to just take the plunge. Volunteering makes you feel like a participant instead of just being a guest at the church, and there are plenty of great opportunities to serve.”

Finding More Ways to Get Involved

Evans enjoys his volunteer role at Crossings so much he is planning to get involved with the Crossings Disaster Response Team – a group of volunteers who provide assistance to those suffering from the damaging effects caused by natural disasters. “With all the disasters we’ve had hit our local communities in the past years, we felt this was an area CCC could have a positive impact on our community and show God’s love to people during a tragic time in their lives,” says Cheri Weaver, Pastor of Volunteer Ministry.

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way…It is more blessed to give than to receive. –Acts 20:35 (ESV)

Paying it Forward

Evans attended church as a young boy, and made a decision to follow Christ at the age of seven. But a few years later his parents, stopped taking Evans to church, and, as a result, Evans did not attend church from the age of 12 through 17. “My walk as a Christian has not been consistent,” says Evans. “I fell away during my teen years and had some back and forth.”

But at the impressionable age of 17 God planted a very influential man in Evans’ life – a man who began providing that ride to church Evans needed. “He was a school teacher of mine who also attended Crossings,” explains Evans. “We became good friends and I began attending Crossings with him. He was the reason I started coming to Crossings. In terms of being a positive influence, he was always encouraging me. I probably would not be involved in a church today if not for him.”

Now Nathan Evans is the one driving others to church …

By John McLemore, Crossings Volunteer Writing Team


For more information about volunteering at Crossings, go to or contact Cheri Weaver at

What Does Being Christ-Centered Look Like?

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Written by Susie Wilson, Assistant to Worship Ministry

Getting Centered on Christ

I’m an amateur photographer and have been since I was about 12 years old. My first quality camera was a Canon TX 35mm SLR, completely manual. I learned a great deal about composition and how to manually set all the buttons to get the best photograph; I even had my own darkroom. When I took the time to clearly focus, set the correct aperture, F-stop, shutter speed, etc., the end result was a very nice photograph with interesting detail and composition.

Now I own a digital SLR camera as well as my cell phone camera, and because it is so easy to use, I’m constantly snapping quick photos and candids of people and places. It’s easy and doesn’t require much time or effort. Needless to say, with this method of photography, I sometimes miss the small but interesting details. As I was preparing this article, I realized how similar my relationships with my church family are to my digital snapshots, basically a quick glimpse of people who cross my path weekly. However, when I take the time to truly focus and pay attention to someone, all the richness and detail and color of that person comes to life to create a beautiful image. This was my experience with Bonnie King.

Opening The Door

Bonnie joined the choir in September of 2008. One Wednesday evening before rehearsal, we shared the same dinner table in the Atrium. Bonnie told me a little bit about herself, and we just clicked. I remember later praying for Bonnie—that God would open a door for Bonnie’s story to be shared. Years later, God has used Centered to open that door.

Bonnie shares, “Growing up, I attended church by myself but was never involved enough to read the Bible and volunteer. It was strictly Sunday mornings. I knew I believed in God and knew that little voice in my head was Him talking to me, but I was not encouraged by either of my parents or my husband who was an agnostic at the time.” In fact, they tried to convince her there was no God. When asked why she continually pursued God when all those around her did their best to convince her God didn’t exist, Bonnie replies, “I can’t explain it, but maybe God was pursuing me.” After her divorce and move to Oklahoma City from Virginia, she began searching for a church that would fulfill what she thought she wanted. After trying out several churches, she was invited by a friend of her family to attend Crossings for Easter Sunday 2008. “I knew I was home,” she exclaims. “Having come from a musical family (Dad was in the Detroit Symphony for 30 years, and Mom was a classical pianist), the music ministry just ‘talked’ to me!”

Leading A Life of Faith

She joined the choir shortly after and has thoroughly enjoyed it, but she also wanted to learn what a Christ-centered life looked like. “Frankly,” she admits, “I was totally intimidated by the Bible; I didn’t understand it and just wanted a concise and to-the-point program that would explain what it is and why I needed to live a Christ-centered life. Centered has done just that. I feel I will have enough knowledge to be comfortable working toward the life Christ wants me to lead. A great big thank you to Pastor Marty Grubbs, Dr. Phil Moore, and the incredible Crossings staff for running one of the finest organizations I have ever had the privilege of being involved with … It has been a life-changer for me and my family!”

When asked about the impact of Centered on her life, Bonnie comments, “My perspective on money and finances has drastically changed. Having very little knowledge of what the Bible says about tithing, this has brought new meaning to the words ‘trust and obey.’” She admits that trusting is very foreign to her, but her Centered group has been instrumental in helping her to truly understand the biblical perspective of faith and obedience—and more importantly, love. The church as a whole and her choir family have also been a huge part in helping her grow spiritually. Bonnie says, “When you walk through the doors, everyone’s the same, it’s a level field. Marty speaks about how we’re all the same in the eyes of Jesus, fighting the same challenges. It’s been amazing for me.”

Bonnie convinced her daughter Channing Cary to move to Oklahoma City and eventually join the church and the choir as well. Bonnie and Channing have been continually impressed by the church’s attitude of community and service. What might Centered teach all of us about trust, obedience, community, service, and love? For Bonnie, it’s a step toward living a truly Christ-centered life.

“What Does Being Christ-Centered Look Like?” originally published by Susie Wilson, Assistant to Worship Ministry, in the Winter 2014 edition of Crossings Magazine.

Centered on Serving

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rhonda-for-websiteWhat makes a person Christ-centered? Singing worship songs? Memorizing Bible verses? Maybe being a pastor’s wife? Not in the case of new Sunday School teacher Rhonda Moore. Although she felt she had a lot of head knowledge about Jesus, it wasn’t until the circumstances in her life led her through tragedy that she truly began to understand and rely on Him.


An Empty Heart

In 1987, Rhonda’s husband Gary was in a horrific car accident that left him paralyzed. At the time, Rhonda and Gary were pastoring a church in northwestern Oklahoma. After the accident, Rhonda was left as the primary caretaker for her family of five. Remarkably, through grace and with the help of their church family, Rhonda and Gary were able to raise their three children, and Gary was even able to pastor for seven more years. Their kids grew up with a love and compassion for the handicapped and have moved on to lead successful lives.

Eventually though, time took its toll on Gary’s body, and he became bedridden, which led to several difficult years for Rhonda as she cared for his every need. Gary’s pastoring days were over. They moved to Edmond to be closer to their adult son, Josh Moore, and to the city’s medical services. In 2013, Gary passed away, leaving Rhonda with an empty house and an empty heart. “I just collapsed internally,” Rhonda expresses. “I became a hermit, living within my inner grief and turmoil. I had been a caregiver all those years, but didn’t know what to do for myself.”


Finding Refuge

Then, her son Josh, a member of the Crossings choir and praise team, encouraged her to find counseling and refuge at Crossings. Rhonda took a brave step and began coming to terms with her grief and loss through personal counseling and attending programs like GriefShare, The Next Chapter for Women, Celebrate Recovery, and other CareSeries classes. In the fall, she became part of a Centered small group which inspired her to take inventory of her life. “Being centered on Christ was one of the main ideas I was challenged to reflect on,” Rhonda explains. “I knew I needed to do something, to volunteer in some way, to be Jesus to someone else—that’s what led me to help with Children’s Ministry. After Gary was paralyzed, my church family really helped us raise our kids. I wanted to help love and teach this generation in return.”


Hands-on Hope and Love

Rhonda believes Crossings has offered her “hands-on hope and love. People actually live grace and acceptance here,” she states. “I knew I wanted to serve this church in some way. I’m not perfect. I may still have a lot of broken pieces and healing to do, but the Holy Spirit fills me every Sunday to teach a second grade boys’ Sunday School class. It’s really about relying on Jesus for your strength and purpose … that’s what being centered in Christ is all about.” Throughout the week, Rhonda still enjoys spending her time as a caregiver, now as a nanny to her twin grandchildren in Edmond.

Centered on Serving originally published by Danette Boswell, Crossings Volunteer Writing Team Member, in the Spring 2015 Crossings Magazine.

The Russells

Centered on Purpose

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Tom and Linda Russell

Finding His Purpose

Tom Russell grew up in northwest Oklahoma City and remembers when Shepherd Mall at N.W. 23rd & Villa was just a pond. He also recalls being in church every Sunday as a family. Years later, after Tom married his wife, Linda, they too attended church every Sunday—beginning in 1995 at Belle Isle Community Church (now Crossings) at the N. Linn location. Even after his many years in church, Tom felt there was more to being a Christian, but he wasn’t sure what it was or how he fit in it. Nineteen years later, he still felt the same need to find his purpose in his home, church and city.

When Crossings began the church-wide Centered curriculum in Fall 2014, the church staff comprised the first groups to go through it. Tom’s wife, Linda, is on the Crossings staff and completed Centered with one of those first groups. She encouraged Tom to join Centered, saying there was a “family feeling” while doing it. Tom didn’t hesitate; he jumped in when the time came for the congregation to sign up. He recalls, “I didn’t know what to expect. Really, there were no expectations, but I felt like this was something I could and should do.”

Getting Centered on Christ

Tom got into a Centered group of men that met each week. This small community shared their life stories, struggles, victories, and prayed for one another. He feels it was a group of men gathering in a common place with a common purpose to have dialogue and discover, together, who Christ is. Tom shares, “There are guys in the group who at first would not say a whole lot, but by the end, we were truly sharing life with one another.”

His Centered group moved Tom to a new place in his spiritual life, as well as into lasting relationships with others. It didn’t come easy and wasn’t something Tom felt he could just show up and do. Setting aside time during the week was one of the spiritual disciplines he followed to get the most from the lessons each week. He set aside one hour for each of the three sections, but feels it was well worth it.

If you do the work, you’ll get a fuller understanding of Jesus Christ and the purpose of life.

I was getting a better understanding of Jesus and who I am through the lessons and, more importantly, the discussions. I did the best I could to get the most I could from it,” Tom remembers. “I learned my purpose. I need and want to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Oklahoma City. My heart is leaning towards helping at the Crossings Community Center. I could help with the reading after-school programs or tutoring someone. I wondered if our group of guys could go through the curriculum again. Then, I thought, maybe I could facilitate a group of men through Centered.”

Accepting the Challenge

For Tom Russell, Centered went beyond just going through the checklist of being a Christian or even putting on the mask of acting like one. Centered allowed Tom to be challenged and find his purpose. As he says, “Now I hope to be a Christian who truly is the hands and feet of Jesus to my city.”

Learn how you can be part of a Centered group at or contact Pastor Deidre Franklin at or 405.302.1275.

By Tony Douglas, Crossings Volunteer Writing Team