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Executive Leadership Team

Marty Grubbs
Senior Pastor
Terry FeixTerry Feix
Executive Pastor
Bill SearchBill Search
Executive Pastor of Ministries
Lyn Watson
Executive Director
Scott BartlowScott Bartlow
Edmond Campus Pastor
Blake BastinBlake Bastin
Director of Finance and Administration
Ryan BrownRyan Brown
Connection Pastor
David GibsonDavid Gibson
Director of Human Resources
Larry HarrisonLarry Harrison
Pastor of Worship Ministries
Jeff StewartJeff Stewart
Senior Associate Pastor


Nursery & Children

Middle School & High School


LifeCare – Counseling & Support


Congregational Care

Edmond Campus

Crossings Community Endowment

Blake BastinBlake Bastin
Director of Finance and Administration


Susan Aldredge, Administrative Assistant to Nursery Ministry

Jennifer Ayotte, Director of Communications Operations


Jennifer Bardell, Crossings KIDS Pastor

Scott Bartlow, Campus Pastor, Crossings Edmond

Herb Barringer, Assistant Facilities Manager/Grounds

Jeff Barry, Director of School Security

Tammy Baskind, Administrative Assistant, Security

Blake Bastin, Director of Finance and Administration

Demetrius Bell, Community Center Director

Ross Blythe, Crossings KIDS Creative Coordinator

Kyle Bonham, Network Administrator

Michelle Brock, Special Events Assistant

Jenny Brown, Crossings KIDS – 56 Director

Jeremiah Braudrick, Director of Prison Ministry

Ryan Brown, Connection Pastor

Alex Buchner, Crossings Edmond Student Ministry Pastor

Lori Bunyar, Pastor of Special Events


Gene Carlsward, Digital Marketing Manager

Matt Cartwright, Director of Communications

Christi Chandler, Administrative Assistant to Volunteer Ministry and Guest Services

Stephen Collins, Director of Contemporary Music and Production

Ash Cossey, Communications Assistant- Printing and Graphic Design


Marty DeLongy, Assistant to Communications

Kimberly Dean, Pastor of LifeCare Kids & Teens

Dustin Drew, Director of Recorded Media


Josh Edington, Pastor of Contemporary Worship

Zac Edwards, Technical Director

Rebecca Ellison, Finance Administrative Assistant


Terry Feix, Executive Pastor

Kristy Finley, Assistant to LifeCare Ministry

PJ Flores, Crossings KIDS Creative Pastor

MaryAshton Floyd, College Age and Young Adults Graduate Assistant

Michael Foster, Online Campus Pastor

Pat Fowler, Facilities Manager

Deidre Franklin, Pastor of Women’s Ministry & Centered

Ashley Fuhr, Administrative Assistant to Adult Education

Russell Fuhr, Adult Education and Small Group Coordinator – Edmond Campus


Michele Garrett, Pastor of Congregational Assistance

Alanna Gaskins, Crossings KIDS Graduate Resident

David Gibson, Director of Human Resources

Xuan Gibson, Front Desk Manager

Stefanie Gilbert, Receptionist

Kim Gilliam, Crossings Edmond KIDS Ministry Pastor

Cole Grubbs, Crossings Edmond Worship Pastor

Kristin Grubbs, Congregational Care Pastoral Associate

Marty Grubbs, Senior Pastor


Lindsey Harbaugh, Crossings Students Middle School Pastor

Lindsey Haugen, Worship Ministry Associate

Jackie Harrison, Web Content Specialist

Kim Harrison, Kid’s Choir/Student Vocal Associate

Larry Harrison, Pastor of Worship Ministries

Ryan Hatley, Edmond Campus Assistant Technical Director

Natalie Haymaker, Project Coordinator for Missions

Melissa Hiett, Crossings Students High School Pastor

Tiffany Hill, Director of Youth Sports

Kari Holder, Crossings Edmond Director of Nursery

Vance Holder, Crossings Students Middle School Pastor

Lauren Honeyman, Campus Adminstrative Assistant

Tara Holdridge, Wedding Director

Shannon Hughes, Director of Volunteer Ministry and Guest Services


Pam Ingle, Director of Single Adult Ministry, Men’s Ministry Administrative Assistant


Christian Jackson, Human Resources Coordinator

Will Jarrell, Director of Media Technology and Production


Megan King, Crossings Edmond Pastor of Connections

Josh Klossner, Financial Controller and Orchestra Director


Jeremy Lindenau, IT Support Technician

Cameron Llewellyn, Software Developer

Madalyn Llewellyn, Social Media Coordinator and Photographer

Deborah Lloyd, Administrative Assistant to Facilities

Charity Logan, Creative Design Director

Brian Long, Creative Director

Katy Long, Communications Staff Writer


Ron Mahn, LPC, LMFT, Pastor of LifeCare Ministries

David McDonald, Musical Director of Sanctuary Worship

Angie McDowell, Crossings Students Middle School Ministry Coordinator

Brittany Meyers, Assistant to LifeCare Ministry

Michael Milligan, Pastor of Pastoral Care

Pam Millington, Pastor of Missions and Outreach Ministries

Mandy Mobley, Assistant to LifeCare Ministry

Shari Murphy, LPC, LMFT, Pastor of Marriage & Family

Sheryl Myers, Administrative Assistant to Congregational Care


Chris Newman, Chapel and Atrium Production Manager


Catherine Orozco-Christmas, Receptionist


Jamie Parton, Administrative Assistant to Women’s Ministry & Centered

Haley Pavao, Crossings Students High School Ministry Coordinator

Teresa Peden, LPC, LMFT, Pastor of Recovery Ministry

Susan Perkins, Director of Church Security

Don Peslis, Associate Pastor of Ministries

Sandi Patty Peslis, Artist-In-Residence

Todd Poe, LPC, LMFT, Pastor of LifeCare Programming

Hannah Pratz, Crossings Edmond Student Pastor – Girls

Angela Presley, Pastor of Global Missions

Andrea Punneo, Young Adults and Small Groups Assistant



Andy Rauschkolb, Pastor of Young Adults and Small Groups

Logan Rine, Video Editor and Associate Director of Production

Renee Russell, Administrative Assistant to Congregational Care


Becky Sanders, Assistant to Congregational Care

Blake Sabiston, Pastor of Connections and Guest Services

Jenny Sabiston, Crossings KIDS – Early Childhood Director

Jamie Schoeling, Assistant to Crossings KIDS

Bill Search, Executive Pastor of Ministries

Kathy Sercel, Human Resources Assistant

Ann Stanart, Assistant to LifeCare Ministry

Becky Steen, Financial Analyst

Zach Stephens, Crossings KIDS – 56 Graduate Resident

Jeff Stewart, Senior Associate Pastor

Candy Suhre, Administrative Assistant

Alison Sullard, Graphic Designer

Cameron Sutherland, Crossings KIDS and Students Videographer

Holly Sutton, Crossings Students Creative Director

Steven Sutton, Crossings KIDS – Programming and Production Coordinator


Greg Tabers, Kids and Students Production Manager

Shelly Taylor, Nursery Supervisor & Mother’s Day Out Director

Mary Thionnet, Crossings Nursery Pastor

Jill Poe-Thompson, Crossings KIDS Elementary Pastor

Chuck Timmons, Technical Director

Chad Tolle, Assistant Facilities Manager

Becky Towe, Graphic Designer

Brent Townsdin, Crossings Edmond Technical Director

Jo Travis, Executive Assistant

Steve Turner, Project Manager

Bailey Tyler, Security Professional

Christie Tyler, Special Events Assistant


Heath Urton, Assistant Technical Director (OKC Venue)

Sheila Urton, Administrative Assistant, Communications


Amanda Van Every, Administrative Assistant, Connection Ministry


Lance Ward, Pastor of Congregational Care

Lyn Watson, Executive Director

Cindy Western, Pastor of Discipleship Materials

Jason White, Worship Pastor

Brett Williams, MIS Director

Caleb Williams, Ministry Coordinator for the Sanctuary

Susie Wilson, Director of Resources



Marq Youngblood, Crossings Community Clinic Executive Director