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Ministry Leadership Team

Marty GrubbsMarty Grubbs
Senior Pastor

Marty GrubbsMarty Grubbs

Senior Pastor

Home Roots: Dayton, Ohio

Education: Anderson University: Religious Studies and Music Business — Anderson University: Honorary Doctorate

Joined the Staff: May 1981 as Minister of Youth and Music; Became the Senior Pastor in September 1985

Family: Married to Kim; dad to Tyler, Kristin, and Cole; grandpa to Teagan James and Oliver Noah Grubbs

Interesting Facts: Marty enjoys all kinds of music, the Colorado mountains, and being with his family.

On a pastoral note (since he is the Senior Pastor), the birth of the first church in Acts 2 continues to drive Marty’s vision for the Church as a place that is with you throughout your entire life–through good times and bad–and totally relevant to daily living.

The Serenity Prayer, written by Marty Grubbs, is available in the Bookstore. Click here for more information on the book.

Social Media:

Find Pastor Marty Grubbs on Facebook       Follow Pastor Marty Grubbs on Twitter @MartyGrubbs

Terry FeixTerry Feix
Executive Pastor

Terry FeixTerry Feix

Executive Pastor

Contact: tfeix@crossings.church

Home Roots: Cynthiana, Kentucky

Education: Oklahoma Christian: Mathematics with a minor in Greek and Hebrew — Oklahoma University: Masters in Mathematics

Joined the Staff: 2006

Family: Married to Laura; dad to Cole, Carson and daughter-in-law Rachel, and Tucker

Interesting Facts: Before joining the CCC staff, Terry served as the Vice President for all government, education and medical clients in the Oklahoma and Kansas region for AT&T. He is a passionate Bible scholar and popular Crossings teacher. Ecclesiastes is his favorite book of the Bible because it “explores the meaning of life in a profound way.”

In his spare time, Terry enjoys running, reading, and the occasional golf game (as a lesson in humility).

Social Media:
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Follow Terry Feix on Twitter @TerryFeix

Scott BartlowScott Bartlow
Edmond Campus Pastor

Scott BartlowScott Bartlow

Edmond Campus Pastor

Contact: sbartlow@crossings.church

Home Roots: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Education: B.A. Interpersonal Communication at University of Central Oklahoma, M.A., Ministerial Leadership, Indiana Wesleyan University, Ph.D, Pastoral Leadership, Tennessee Temple University.

Joined the Staff: 2016

Family: Married to Brooke; dad to Faith and Mae.

Interesting Facts: Scott has experience leading in multiple areas of the church—student ministry, 20-something ministry, adult small groups, baptism services, evangelism, and local and global missions. He’s also worked for both a traditional United Methodist Church and Willow Creek Community Church. Scott enjoys teaching, and especially thrives when casting vision that inspires others toward action. Sometime he’s teaching from a stage, but often he is developing people either one on one or in teams. A genuine relator, he has a gift for maximizing and multiplying the talents of his team. He loves Starbucks iced chai, a great movie and a good laugh. He’s certainly not afraid to poke fun at himself. As each day ends, he needs to know that he has maximized his gifts, opportunities, and resources to build God’s church and raise a fun, spiritually thriving family.

Blake BastinBlake Bastin
Director of Finance and Administration

Blake BastinBlake Bastin

Director of Finance and Administration

Contact: bbastin@crossings.church

Home Roots: Nicholasville, Kentucky

Education: University of Oklahoma: Finance & Accounting, Rice University: Masters of Business Administration

Joined the Staff: October 2016

Family: Married to Kimberly, father to twins (Easton – son, Samantha – daughter)

Interesting Facts: Blake is the only person on staff at Crossings who moved from Australia to take a role here in the Church. He has not lived in Oklahoma since college as life in the petroleum & mining business took him to Houston, Texas and Melbourne, Australia for the majority of his adult life but he is now incredibly excited to be back in Oklahoma serving in this fantastic Church filled with inspiring and humble people.

Ryan BrownRyan Brown
Connection Pastor

Ryan BrownRyan Brown

Connection Pastor

Contact: rbrown@crossings.church

Home Roots: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (born & raised)

Education: University of Central Oklahoma: Finance

Joined the Staff: 2007

Family: Married to Tammy; dad to Halle, Miles, Luke and Tatum – Tatum is the surprise baby with a seven-year gap between her and Luke!

Interesting Facts: Ryan joined the Crossings staff in October 2007 after ten years in construction as a residential home builder. Members of Crossings since 1999, his family has served in a variety of ways including teaching Sunday School (adults and children), leading small groups, volunteering in nursery, middle school and HIS Hands ministries. Ryan currently enjoys reading, playing basketball (when his body holds up), and spending time with family and friends.

David GibsonDavid Gibson
Director of Human Resources

David GibsonDavid Gibson

Director of Human Resources / Pastor of Adult Education

Contact: dgibson@crossings.church

Home Roots: Des Moines, Iowa and Lawton, Oklahoma (to name a few)

Education: Cameron University: Psychology

Joined the Staff: 2000

Family: Married to Xuan; dad to Kali

Interesting Facts: David loves to help guests get “connected” into the various ministries and volunteer opportunities at Crossings. He has a real passion for people and began his ministry as a Youth Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago (which also employed his wife, Xuan). Upon joining the CCC staff, he has served in various roles, including Middle School pastor, until he accepted his current role in 2007.

Hobbies for David include anything to do with sports–especially baseball, golf, and football–and hanging out with his family.

Larry HarrisonLarry Harrison
Pastor of Worship Ministries

Larry HarrisonLarry Harrison

Pastor of Worship Ministry

Contact: lharrison@crossings.church

We welcome Larry Harrison, our new Pastor of Worship Arts and Worship Leader for the Sanctuary services. His weekly responsibilities will include planning/leading worship in our Sanctuary services, directing the choir and orchestra, and pastoring the staff and volunteers who are a part of all worship services/spaces at Crossings.

Larry and his wife of 24 years, Kim, have one daughter, Halle, who will be entering the 8th grade this fall. Larry grew up in and around the church – his father is still a pastor in Arkansas. He served at Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmond for 15 years before he began his most recent role as Worship Pastor of Second Baptist Church n Houston, Texas. Over the past seven years, Larry has led worship, led the choir and orchestra, and developed the Worship Ministry of Second Baptist. Kim has developed the School of Performing Arts at Second Baptist.

Do you like to sing? Please consider joining the Crossings choir. Practice is every Wednesday beginning at 6:15 pm in the Choir Room (behind the Sanctuary stage).

Questions? Contact Charity Logan at clogan@crossings.church.

Jeff StewartJeff Stewart
Senior Associate Pastor

Jeff StewartJeff Stewart

Senior Associate Pastor

Contact: jstewart@crossings.church

Home Roots: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Education: Baylor University: Religion — Southern Nazarene University: Counseling Psychology

Joined the Staff: 1987

Family: Dad to Sarah, Matthew, and Stephen

Interesting Facts: When Marty Grubbs became Senior Pastor in 1981, his second hire was Jeff as Pastor of Student Ministry. (Years earlier, Marty was Jeff’s youth pastor at the church). Later, Jeff went back to college to get his counseling degree and began the counseling ministries at Crossings (now called LifeCare – Counseling and Support Ministries).

A little known fact about Jeff is that he is an amateur meteorologist, so if you want to know anything about cumulus clouds, Jeff is your man.


Nursery & Children

Middle School & High School


LifeCare – Counseling & Support


Congregational Care

Edmond Campus

Crossings Community Endowment


Susan Aldredge, Administrative Assistant to Nursery Ministry

Elle Aston, Social Media Coordinator, Photographer

Jennifer Ayotte, Director of Internal Communications


Jennifer Bardell, Crossings KIDS Pastor

Scott Bartlow, Campus Pastor, Crossings Edmond

Herb Barringer, Assistant Facilities Manager/Grounds

Jeff Barry, Security Professional

Tammy Baskind, Administrative Assistant, Security

Blake Bastin, Director of Finance and Administration

Wayne Bollenbacher, Director – Crossings Community Endowment

Kyle Bonham, Network Administrator

Sharon Bromley, Administrative Assistant to Congregational Care & Assistant to Keenager/Senior’s Ministry

Jeremiah Braudrick, Community Center Director

Michael Brooks, Technical Director

Ryan Brown, Connection Pastor

Alex Buchner, Crossings Students Pastor – Edmond Campus

Lori Bunyar, Pastor of Special Events

Tina Burnett, Director of Mother’s Day Out


Matt Cartwright, Graphic Designer

Stephen Collins, Director of Contemporary Music and Production

Lisa Cornett, Administrative Assistant to Nursery Ministry and Receptionist


Marty DeLongy, Communications Assistant

Kimberly Dean, Pastor of LifeCare – Kids & Teens


Josh Edington, Pastor of Contemporary Worship

Zac Edwards, Technical Director

Chandler Elder, Technical Director – Student & Children Ministries

Rebecca Ellison, Director of Communications


Cole Feix, Pastor of College and Adult Education

Terry Feix, Executive Pastor

Kristy Finley, LifeCare Ministry Assistant

Heather Flores, Administrative Assistant for Missions and Outreach

PJ Flores, Creative Director

Michael Foster, MIS Director

Pat Fowler, Facilities Manager

Deidre Franklin, Pastor of Women’s Ministry & Centeredc

Ashley Fuhr, Administrative Assistant to Adult Education


Michele Garrett, Pastor of Congregational Assistance

David Gibson, Director of Human Resources / Pastor of Adult Education

Xuan Gibson, Crossings Students Ministry Coordinator

Kim Gilliam, Crossings Edmond Kids Ministry Pastor

Cole Grubbs, Worship Pastor – Crossings Edmond

Kristin Grubbs, Congregational Care Associate

Marty Grubbs, Senior Pastor


Lindsey Haugen, Assistant to Worship Ministry

Larry Harrison, Pastor of Worship Ministries

Natalie Haymaker, Project Coordinator for Missions

Melissa Hiett, Crossings Students High School Pastor

Tiffany Hill, Director of Youth Sports

Kari Holder, Director of Nursery – Crossings Edmond

Tara Holdridge, Wedding Director

Angie Horrell, Assistant to Communications

Shannon Hughes, Director of Volunteer Ministry and Guest Services


Pam Ingle, Director of Single Adult Ministry, Men’s Ministry Administrative Assistant


Will Jarrell, Pastor of Media Technology and Production


Susan Ketch, Executive Assistant

Megan King, Director of Connections – Crossings Edmond

Josh Klossner, Accountant and Orchestra Director


Kelsey Lannan, Receptionist

Joe Ledgerwood, Pastor of Senior Adult Ministry

Kristen Leach, Video Editor and Assistant Director of Production

Jeremy Lindenau, Volunteer Ministry Administrative Assistant

Christopher Lloyd, Director of Video Production & Programming

Deborah Lloyd, Administrative Assistant to Facilities

Charity Logan, Assistant to Worship Ministry

Brian Long, Creative Director

Katy Long, Web Content Specialist


Ron Mahn, LPC, LMFT, Pastor of LifeCare Ministries

Kevin Massey II, Director of Electronic Media

Brenda McClain, Crossings KIDS and Crossings 56 Pastor

David McDonald, Director of Orchestral Music

Angie McDowell, Crossings Students Ministry Coordinator

Nicole Miller, Early Childhood Director

Michael Milligan, Pastor of Pastoral Care

Pam Millington, Pastor of Missions and Outreach Ministries

Steven Moller, Audio Director

Shari Murphy, LPC, LMFT, Pastor of Marriage & Family




Teresa Peden, LPC, LMFT, Pastor of Recovery Ministry

Chelsea Perez, Administrative Assistant, Special Events

Don Peslis, Associate Pastor of Ministries

Sandi Patty Peslis, Artist-In-Residence

Todd Poe, LPC, LMFT, Pastor of LifeCare Programming

Hannah Pratz, Crossings Edmond Student Pastor – Girls

Andrea Punneo, Administrative Assistant for Young Adults and Community Groups



Andy Rauschkolb, Pastor of Young Adults and Community Groups

Brittany Renfro, Assistant to LifeCare Ministry

Tory Rhoades, Technical Director – Sanctuary

Sidney Risinger, Assistant to LifeCare Ministry

Linda Russell, Receptionist

Renee Russell, Administrative Assistant to Congregational Care


Becky Sanders, Assistant to Congregational Care

Blake Sabiston, Pastor of Connections and Guest Services

Jamie Schoeling, Assistant to Crossings Kids

Kathy Sercel, Human Resources Assistant

Ann Stanart, Assistant to LifeCare Ministry

Becky Steen, Finance Assistant

Jeff Stewart, Senior Associate Pastor

Lindsey Sturdy, Crossings Students Middle School Pastor

Candy Suhre, Administrative Assistant

Alison Sullard, Graphic Designer

Cameron Sutherland, Crossings Kids and Students Videographer

Steven Sutton, Crossings KIDS – Programming and Production Coordinator


Shelly Taylor, Nursery Supervisor

Mary Thionnet, Crossings Nursery Director

Jill Poe-Thompson, Crossings KIDS – Elementary Director

Chuck Timmons, Technical Director

Chad Tolle, Assistant Facilities Manager

Brent Townsdin, Technical Director

Jo Travis, Executive Assistant

Steve Turner, Crossings Community Clinic Director

Christie Tyler, Coordinator – Special Events, Food Service and Linens



Amanda Van Every, Administrative Assistant, Connection Ministry

Karena Nichols-Villanueva, Administrative Assistant, Adult Ministry and Receptionist


Lance Ward, Pastor of Congregational Care

Zachary Werhan, Graduate Resident, College Age and Young Adults Ministry

Cindy Western, Pastor of Discipleship Materials

Jason White, Crossings Students Program and Production Pastor

James Williams, Director of Recorded Media

Susie Wilson, Director of Resources



Edmond Campus

Edmond Campus

Sundays at 9:30am & 11:00am

1500 W. Covell Edmond, OK 73003

Okc Campus

OKC Campus

Sundays at 8:15am, 9:15am, & 10:45am

14600 N. Portland Ave, OKC, OK 73134

crossings.church 5x5_NO WORDS

Online Campus

Sundays at 9:15 & 10:45am


Clinic 5x5

Crossings Clinic

Open Weekdays from 9:00am - 5:00pm

10255 North Pennsylvania Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Crossings Community Center

Open Weekdays from 9:00am - 5:00pm

10255 North Pennsylvania Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Crossings School

Crossings Christian School

Pre-k through 12th Grade

14400 N. Portland Ave, OKC, OK 73134