Spiritual Formation is a loaded term. Some people think that it is a special program designed for the spiritually astute, where the “gifted and talented” Christians dive deeply into their souls to discover a mystical life with Christ.

The reality is that spiritual formation is an unavoidable aspect of our everyday, ordinary lives. At our core (or ‘spirit’) we are always changing and growing. The one thing we cannot do is stay the same. The exact quality of those changes will reflect the character of the influences we choose to submit our minds to from one ordinary day to the next. Media, popular opinion, your mother-in-law, television, performance evaluations – whichever voice you choose to hear – will determine the direction of your spiritual formation. But please do not make the mistake of thinking that if you don’t sign up, you are simply not involved in spiritual formation. It is happening to you every day.

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Apprentice Series

Apprentice — a lifestyle of learning under the Master, Jesus

Apprentice is a course consisting of three books and an optional workshop in writing your spiritual autobiography. The entire course takes one and a half years. However, you are welcome to start with the first book, “The Good and Beautiful God”, and if you decide it’s not for you or the timing isn’t right, you can set it aside for a while. Later, you can jump back into the program with any of the modules. We ask only that you take the books in order since the content builds on itself. If you’d like to learn more about Apprentice at Crossings, click the button here.

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Community Groups

Community groups are small groups of people gathering throughout the city with a mission to build authentic relationships, grow more like Jesus, care for one another, and reach people with the Gospel. In short, Community Groups are about community, growth, care, and mission. To join a community group and get to know people like you, click the button here.

Bible Reading Plan

Bible reading is an important aspect of the Christian life. We are offering this reading plan, so as a church family we can be in the Word together. Join us in this 47-week endeavor by beginning anytime. To get started, pick up your Bible and head over to our Bible Reading Plan page using the button here.

Bible Reading Plan

Volunteer Opportunities

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