Is It For Me?

Spiritual Formation

Yes! Spiritual formation is for everyone, because it acknowledges the human capacity to change. We all have the ability to grow and become a different kind of person than who we are today. The purpose of spiritual formation within the Church is to become more like Christ everyday.
Spiritual Formation

For Everyone

"Spiritual formation is for everyone. Just as there is an "outer you" that is being formed and shaped all the time, like it or not, by accident or on purpose, so there is an "inner you." You have a spirit. And it's constantly being shaped ... Everyone is being spiritually formed all the time. Whether they want to or not... The question [is] ... just who and what our spirits will be formed by." - John Ortberg

Spiritual Direction

Are You Interested?

Spiritual direction, while new to Crossings, is an ancient practice. Sometimes referred to as spiritual friendship or spiritual companionship, it takes place in a one-on-one conversation between a guide and directee. The goal is to discern the presence and activity of God in your life. Spiritual direction can be helpful if you are trying to make a decision, are encountering a bewildering season of life, or simply want to learn how to hear God's voice in your everyday life.

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