As we look forward to the New Year, we can’t help but look back on 2013 and see areas in our lives where we came close to a goal but didn’t quite get there. Maybe it was in our marriage, our money, or making the most of our time . . . we may have made some good progress but came up just a little short.

So, how can we move past “I almost” to “I did”? In this new series, Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs looks at ways to overcome obstacles that held us back from finishing well.


January 05, 2014

God’s Word gives us the tools to help move us from “almost” to being able to complete whatever He has called us to do.
ALMOST series, part one

Almost . . . Rich

January 12, 2014

Almost series, part two
What is the measure of true wealth?

Almost…The Hope of the World

January 19, 2014

When we believe the community called the Church, as described in scripture, is indeed the hope of the world, our lives will never be the same.

Almost . . . Focused

January 26, 2014

Almost . . . Focused
Almost series, part four
Make a commitment this year to focus on areas in your life that need change – trusting God to provide help and wisdom every day.

No More . . . Almost!

February 02, 2014

No More . . . Almost!
Almost series, part five
No more I “almost” – it’s time to be willing to go “all in”.
Decide to live life differently beginning today.