Welcome to our Live Streaming Technical Support page. Here, you can find out more about live.crossings.church and get answers to our most frequently asked questions.

About Live Streaming

Live streaming at Crossings exists to give you a great way to view the sermon when you can’t get to Crossings OKC or Crossings Edmond or share it with a friend or family member who just wants to check out Crossings.

The live stream page is available at live.crossings.church and on our App and services are streamed at 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. every Sunday.


During live streamed services, Chat will be enabled for you to use to discuss the message and worship with others experiencing it with you. Chat is led by a pastor and pertinent resources mentioned in the message will be provided via the chat option. To gain access to chat, you will be prompted to choose a username, which you can reuse each time you live stream.


You can view and edit the sermon notes for each message you live stream using the Notes feature. These will include a place for you to write down your own thoughts about the message, view the Bible verses set out to accompany the message, and highlight meaningful parts of the notes for your use. You can simply use Notes in your browser, or you can email them to yourself via the envelope icon in the top right corner, or print via the printer icon in the top right corner.


The Schedule exists for you to see when the next live streamed sermon will start. Here you’ll see the date and time of each live streamed message and an option to invite a friend or family member to view the message with you.


If you’d like to invite a friend or family member to view the live streamed message with you, use the Invite option in the Schedule tab (blue alarm clock icon and “invite”). Simply add your name and email, the friend’s name and email, and a short message (or use the one we have provided for you!), and then send it!


In the Bible section of the live stream page, you can reference the verses mentioned in the message. Simply update the verse to the one you’re looking for by clicking on the book, chapter, and version you’re looking for.

Connection Card

We’d love to know you’re attending one of the online services through the live stream, so we’re offering a digital version of the Connection Card you’re used to seeing in the worship folder every week. Just click on Connection Card, answer a few short questions, and you’re done!

Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request, you can share it in the Chat option on the live stream page or right here and our prayer team will start praying for you right away.

Operating System (OS) / Browser Combinations

Your operating system is made up of the software that supports your computer’s basic functions, such as executing applications. Your browser is the program you use to navigate the web (and the program will influence how the live stream looks and functions for you).

Some common operating systems are:

  • Android
  • Mac OS X
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

Most people are using one of the operating systems above to experience the live stream. Additionally, we recommend using one of the following browsers to experience the live stream on your computer or mobile device:

Click on each browser name to visit the official page, download that browser, and learn about functions and limitations for each.

We recommend you use one of the common operating systems and browsers listed above to experience the best results for live stream.

App – Phone, Tablet, or Other Mobile Device

If you’re having trouble live streaming on your phone, tablet, or other mobile device, you may need to try the following:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the correct Crossings app. It’s available here.
  • Open up the app and choose “Live Stream,” which is the first option beneath the current sermon graphic.
  • For Sound Issues: make sure your volume is up on your phone or tablet. You may also need to make sure your phone is off “silent” mode. Also, make sure there are no headphones connected to your device that may interfere with the sound.
  • For Video Issues: shut down the app and reopen it, then choose live stream again from the menu. Many times, this will solve the problem that’s causing the video not to show.
  • Ensure you’re connected to the internet or that you have enabled data usage on the app. You can check these settings in the main settings section of your mobile device.

App – Apple TV

If you’re having trouble live streaming on Apple TV, take a look at these troubleshooting tips.

  • Make sure you have downloaded the correct Crossings app. It’s available here.
  • Make sure the volume is not muted on your TV.
  • Make sure the volume is turned up loud enough that you can hear it.
  • If you’re using an additional audio system (portable BlueTooth speaker, soundbar, speakers, etc.), make sure they are turned on and linked up to the TV you’re using to live stream.
  • If the video appears frozen, shut down the app and restart it to reconnect with the live stream.


Troubleshooting – No Sound

If you visit the live stream page and see a video but can’t hear what’s being said, you need to troubleshoot the sound.

  1. Check to make sure the sound isn’t muted. This is usually indicated by a speaker icon with a diagonal line through it.
  2. Check to make sure the volume is high enough that you can hear it.
  3. Check to make sure headphones (with an auxiliary cable or via BlueTooth capability) aren’t connected as they’ll divert sound from your speaker to their internal speakers.
  4. Alternately, if you’re listening with headphones, make sure they are connected appropriately and the sound is turned up so you can hear the message.
  5. Finally, make sure the volume on the video itself isn’t muted.

Troubleshooting – No Video

If you visit the live stream page and don’t see a video, you need to troubleshoot the video.

  1. First, check your connection – Live streaming is made possible by data usage on a mobile device or an internet connection, so the video won’t show if you’re offline.
  2. Refresh the page. This is usually indicated by an arrow pointed in a circle near the search bar in your browser.
  3. If the video isn’t working in your browser, consider downloading a different browser (see the recommended browsers above).
  4. If you want to continue using live stream without downloading a different browser, make sure that browser is the most recent version.
  5. If the video you see is choppy or buffering, refresh the page and view the live stream again.

Still have questions?

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