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Aug 17 6:30 PM


Edmond Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

RM 203


Mark Filson


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Apprentice is a one-year course for people who are ready for a deeper walk with Christ. Explore the character and teachings of Jesus to learn to be like him in everyday life. Participants meet weekly to discuss a reading assignment and the powerful effect of applied spiritual exercises. Pre-register using the button above. Purchase The Good and Beautiful God book by James Bryan Smith from your favorite retailer before the first class.

’’God does not merely want us to become Christians. He calls us to discipleship (apprenticeship) in the footsteps of Jesus. The Apprentice series teaches us to intentionally engage our souls with God. The result is transforming. Apprentice helped me to accept God as he really is, examine how my life aligns with the apprentice life Jesus describes, all in the context of a community of Jesus followers. If you have always felt God calling you deeper into a relationship with him, but you’re not sure of the next step to take, I recommend Apprentice. If not now, when? You may just fall in love with the God Jesus knows.’’ - Mark

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