Exploring Prophecy

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Oct 25 6:30 PM


Edmond Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

RM 204


Jill Poe-Thompson

Michael Thompson

Exploring Prophecy

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Biblical prophecy can be defined as God-inspired speech intended to speak truth to circumstances in which God’s people found themselves. This four-week series explores prophetic texts in the Old Testament to determine how they can potentially be applied to the past, present, and even into the future.

BIO: Jill Poe-Thompson is the Connections Pastor at Crossings Edmond and has been on staff at Crossings for over seven years. As a current seminary student, Jill enjoys sharing the treasures she’s unearthed in her studies with others, believing God will use the knowledge acquired to bring about life transformation and a deeper walk with God for those who participate in groups and classes at Crossings. Jill is so excited to lead a bible study with her husband of 21 years, Michael Thompson, who she’s had a crush on since they were both in high school jazz band together.

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