Sunset Snack Drive

Supply snacks for Sunset Elementary students to enjoy during state testing.
Sunset Snack Drive

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Weekly: Sundays at 9:30 AM
Jill Poe-Thompson


Jill Poe-Thompson

Pastor, Connections & Guest Services - Edmond

Crossings Edmond is collecting items to create snack bags for every student at Sunset Elementary. Our goal is to help students stay focused, energized, and encouraged as they complete their state testing exams.

You can help by donating the following individually packaged items to the Welcome Desk by Sunday, April 14:
Goldfish crackers
Fruit snacks
MadeGood chocolate chip granola bars

You can also order from the Amazon shopping list for delivery to the Edmond location!

We will assemble around 1,800 bags so kids can have one for each day of testing!