Parent Child Dedication

When parents desire to commit to raising their child in a Christian home and church, the parents and child are recognized in a Sunday morning service at Crossings Edmond, Crossings OKC or Crossings Community Center.
Parent Child Dedication

Crossings Edmond

Jun 23 9:00 AM

Crossings Community Center

Jun 23 9:30 AM

Crossings OKC

Jun 23 11:00 AM

Parent Child Dedication is a recognition of parents who choose to commit to raising their child in a Christian home and church. It is a public profession of faith, not infant baptism, as we do not offer baptism prior to a person’s choosing to believe in Christ.

Parents are asked to attend a class prior to having their child dedicated in a Sunday morning service. Preregistration is required. 

Parent Child Dedication Class: June 23
Dedication Service: July 28


Mary Thionnet 
Class meets in room 244, Crossings OKC, at 11AM
OKC Registration


Kari Holder 
Class meets at the Welcome Desk, Crossings Edmond, at 9AM
Edmond Registration


Jenny Brown
Class meets at the Community Center at 9:30AM
Center Registration