Apprentice is for both Crossings OKC and Crossings Edmond. It is held at Crossings OKC. This is a one-year curriculum consisting of The Good and Beautiful God series by James Bryan Smith.

Crossings OKC

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Weekly: Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Deidre Franklin


Deidre Franklin

Pastor, Spiritual Formation

The best way to master a skill is to find someone who's already mastered it, ask them if you can spend time with them - observing their work environment, listening in on conversations, practicing the way they use the tools of the trade. When the relationship is sanctioned it is referred to as an apprenticeship. Nearly all skilled workers learn this way - doctors, plumbers, mechanics, and carpenters.

Jesus is the uncontested Master of living well. In Apprentice, we make careful observations of his life by examining his teaching and personal interactions as reported in the Gospels. By doing this in the context of committed community, and supplemented with weekly "soul training exercises," we have found that apprentices become more like Christ.

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About Apprentice

Apprentice is a course consisting of three books and an optional workshop in writing your spiritual autobiography. The entire course takes one and a half years to complete. However, you are welcome to start with the first book "The Good and Beautiful God," and if you decide it's not for you or the timing isn't right, you can set it aside for a while. Later, you can jump back into the program with any of the modules. We ask only that you take the books in order since the content builds on itself. 

"God does not merely want us to become Christians. He calls us to discipleship (apprenticeship) in the footsteps of Jesus. The Apprentice Series teaches us to intentionally engage our souls with God. The result is transforming. Apprentice helped me to accept God as he really is, examine how my life aligns with the apprentice life Jesus describes, all in the context of a community of Jesus followers. If you have always felt God calling you deeper into a relationship with Him but not sure the next step to take, I recommend Apprentice. If not now, when? You may just fall in love with the God that Jesus knows." - Mark