Devotional | Maddie Flores | Jan 7, 2024

A Picture of Faithfulness

A Picture of Faithfulness

I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done. Psalm 143:5


For weeks, I have been working on a special project. I am in the process of converting my grandparents’ slides into digital photos. It has been so fun for me to see pictures of them throughout the years. Each photo is so special and interesting because it captures a moment in time. There are photos from cross-country roadtrips, churches, friends, dinner parties, holidays, reunions, and so much more. There are also endless photos of my mom and aunt’s cool outfits from growing up in the 80’s. Even more special than looking at the photos on my own is looking through them with Grandma. Her face lights up at each one as she gets to tell me about her life and her most treasured memories. 

Reflecting on old photos that capture the joy of long ago can be such a delight. Yet, reflecting on a year gone by is full of so many emotions that are much closer to us. Reflecting on the loss, stress, bad news, struggles, and disappointments. Those all get mixed in with the joys, celebrations, laughter, and growth. Holding all of that in our hearts and minds at one time as we try to make sense of it can be so draining. It leaves many of us embarking on the new year with grand hopes of new possibilities and a desire for a renewal of our spirit. A fresh start.

There are many different ways to renew your spirit and relationship with God. First and foremost, there is your personal daily devotion to reading Scripture and spending time in prayer. Having a practice of spending time with God in his Word each day is life changing. These mundane moments of obedience allow your heart and mind to be transformed by God’s truth and grace. 

Recently, I heard someone talking about a way they renew their spiritual strength and endurance that was so interesting to me. They remember. They use pictures and movies in their mind to remember the works of the Lord in their life. Think of a picture like remembering a snapshot, or a moment, of something in your relationship with God. It could be a moment when God provided for you, or when you were obedient to God, or the time you were praying desperately for God to show up. Take a moment to think about some of the pictures in your mind of God’s activity in your life.

A picture captures a lot, but it’s only a still image. A movie or a video captures so much more detail. There’s movement and sound. There’s more time to capture each element of the memory. They help us remember what God has done for us much more vividly. A movie in your mind could hold the memory of God working in your situation over time, his presence in your life during a difficult season, or him working in your life and redeeming your story. Take a moment to think about a movie in your mind of something God has done in your life. 

We have to build the movies in our mind by spending time remembering and meditating on what God has done. That is what the Psalmist is writing in these verses. We have to think about the details of how it looked, sounded, smelled, and felt. As we build in these details, the memory becomes stronger. The images become sharper. The movie plays in our mind more clearly, and we remember more of what God has done for us. Another way to help us remember these moments is to share our stories with others. As we tell of what God has done and is doing in our lives, it helps our minds to build these memories. As we remember His works of the past, it builds our faith for the future and strengthens our spirit to continue on the journey of following Jesus.


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your good works in my life. The moments I can picture and the ones that play like a movie in my mind. Please help me to remember your love you have poured out for me. Give me the courage to share what you have done for me so that my faith and the faith of those around me would be strengthened. As I go throughout this year, remind me that you’re working, you’re with me, and you’re so good to me. Amen.

Maddie Flores
Crossings Kids Early Childhood Director - OKC Location

Maddie is passionate about equipping families to follow Jesus more closely.


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