Eugene Field Elementary School – Serving Recap

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Most of the inner-city schools that Crossings partners with don’t have the luxury of an active Parent-Teacher Organization, so Crossings tries to bridge the gap. Each month, one of the three Sunday School classes that partner with Eugene Field Elementary School go to the school to offer a surprise spirit boost to the teachers and staff who work tirelessly to encourage and educate the children in their neighborhood.

The Sunday School classes provide a small tangible token of gratitude and offer encouraging words and friendship. This November, folks from the Singular Sunday School class brought donuts and coffee in celebration of National Donut Day. What a great way to start the week!

Any day of the week, you can walk into this school and be struck by the sea of Crossings Volunteers in their blue shirts as they serve in the school in various ways– homeroom moms/dads, teacher partners, book club readers, and other supportive ways. Take a look at the highlights in the photo gallery below!

Fall Carnival 2017 Highlights

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We had a blast at Fall Carnival 2017 at Crossings OKC! Take a look at the highlights below!

Trunk or Treat 2017 Highlights

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We had a blast at Trunk or Treat with Crossings Edmond this October!

There were 5,000 people at the Trunk or Treat on Saturday, October 28, 2017. The purpose of this event was to connect with and serve the families in the Edmond community. All of the kids loved the costumes and loved the Star Wars booth and we had some great connections with families interested in attending the church as well.

All of the volunteers did such a great job welcoming and celebrating the people that used the shuttle buses provided by Crossings Edmond.

Take a look at the highlights below!

Crossings Edmond Sunset Serve

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Written by Karena Nichols-Villanueva, Crossings Edmond Administrative Assistant

Crossings Edmond gathered at Sunset Elementary school to partake in an exciting night of serving others in October.

The cafeteria soon filled with families ready to listen and learn. We kicked off the evening with delicious food and the sounds of the Sunset Elementary honor choir children singing for us. Then, parents and guardians then went to their respective areas to gain knowledge and tools to help them succeed and be even better parents.

Meanwhile, the kids gathered together for a fun-filled, creative crafting experience to take home with them.

It was an honor to be surrounded by love, listening to the sound of joy and knowing we were a small part of something much bigger. We are blessed to have been able to be the hands and feet of Jesus on this special night.

Check out our Edmond Volunteer Opportunities, which are updated every week, to see the top needs for the week right here.

Want to get involved by serving at Crossings Edmond? Complete the form below to get started!

Dollar Club – CDRT

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This September, Crossings was able to share the blessing of the Dollar Club with those affected by tornadoes in Elk City and flooding in Doniphan, Missouri. Thanks for your generous contributions which made this possible!

You can learn more about the Dollar Club at Crossings and explore more stories right here.

Thank you, Crossings Edmond!

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Explore this post for an update on our local missions partner, Sunset Elementary, and hear from Campus Pastor Scott Bartlow!

There is a theme in scripture that Jesus models that has captivated my heart. You see this in Matthew 14:14. Jesus landed and saw a crowd, He had compassion on them, and healed the sick. You see this theme in Luke 10:33-34 with the Good Samaritan. Where He traveled, came to where the man was; as when He saw him, He had compassion on him. He went to him and bandaged his wounds and then He put the man on his way on his own donkey, took him to an inn and took care of him.

Did you catch the theme? See. Care. Help.

That’s the way of Jesus. He saw a need, His heart overflowed with compassion, and moved to help meet a need.

Mother Theresa said, “You don’t have to travel to India to find your Calcutta; little Calcuttas are all around you if you’ll only have eyes to see.”

Before we launched Crossings Edmond, it was my desire to make sure we served our city before we expected people to come to our church. Crossings has a value of engaging with schools that have need and we identified Sunset Elementary. Over time, we built a relationship with the administration and teachers through multiple needs they put in front of us on how we can partner with the school. It was our desire not to just drop in for a one-time event, but build a long-lasting relationship. Earlier this summer, the principle asked me if we would be willing to adopt their teachers to purchase school supplies for their rooms as most teachers take this out of their own salaries. See below how our congregation responded to this need:

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I just have to say: I love our church! Last month, I simply made you aware of the opportunity to bless 50 teachers at Sunset Elementary with gift cards for school supplies for their rooms. You sprung into action, and we had the opportunity to be the Church – overflowing with generous hearts. You can only imagine the tears of joy and smiles of gratitude we experienced when we pulled up to the school.

Thank you, Crossings Edmond! Thank you for being the Church yet again. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus.

-Scott Bartlow

Global Leadership Summit 2017 – Highlights

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This year, we hosted Global Leadership Summit at both the OKC and Edmond campuses, and it was a blast! Hundreds of individuals, employers and their employees, and teams joined us for this two-day event to hear from world-renowned leaders.

In addition to hosting the Summit at both our OKC and Edmond campuses, we had a unique opportunity to partner with Joseph Harp Correctional Facility this year. Crossings has partnered with Joseph Harp in the past for worship nights with our very own Josh Edington and Cole Feix, but this year, Crossings partnered with Joseph Harp to stream the Global Leadership Summit, too. Crossings will also be partnering with Joseph Harp to share in community and spiritual growth through Centered.

Our unique opportunity to share the Global Leadership Summit with Joseph Harp was orchestrated through generous Dollar Club donations, which contributed almost seven thousand dollars to stream the Summit, provide the curriculum, and provide 6 meals to inmates, which included Dunkin’ Donuts, pizza, coffee, popcorn, slushes, soda, and Golden Corral.

The Summit at Joseph Harp was streamed to 180 inmates and 6 volunteers from Crossings. Jeremiah Braudrick, Director of the Crossings Community Center, has helped strengthen the partnership between Crossings and Joseph Harp, and was instrumental in creating this opportunity this year.

When asked about what was the most memorable part of the Global Leadership Summit at Joseph Harp, Jeremiah said this: “The most memorable part for me was the fact that we reached a big mix of people from all different walks of life. We had all races and leaders from all different faiths and organizations. We had the leaders from the Christian Church, the Jewish Church, the Indian Church, and the Muslim Church. Different organizations like Celebrate Recovery and Toastmasters as well as inmates who work at different jobs at the DOC were all able to attend. It was a unifying event for sure, and everyone was thrilled to be there.”

An inmate who attended the Global Leadership Summit at Joseph Harp had the following comment to share about his experience:

“What I love best about what Crossings did for us was you brought an event to us that humanized us. We love that you care about our relationship with God and we enjoy the worship services. But to think that you also care about us as leaders and would spend so much time and energy making sure we’re better leaders here in prison, better fathers, and future leaders when we get out… it just made me feel so much more dignity than I have in a long time.”

Take a look at our photo gallery below for some highlights of the two-day experience at all campuses!

Dollar Club – Freedom Elementary

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Freedom School is a free summer literacy program designed for underserved children of the northeast community which provides a full program from 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. for six weeks. Check out this video to see how Crossings, Super Scoop, and Freedom Elementary are coming together to kick off back-to-school!

“For school success, it’s completely tied into a child’s self-esteem. Here, they’ve had great mentors, great learning experiences, and they’re ready to go back to school.”

Thanks to your generous contributions, we have been able to share the blessing of the Dollar Club with Freedom Elementary this August.

You can learn more about the Dollar Club at Crossings and explore more stories right here.

2017 Fall Calendar

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We’re getting ready for an awesome fall at Crossings OKC and Crossings Edmond! Take a look at our Fall Kickoff Calendar below for upcoming events, classes, groups, and more! Click each item on this list to visit the event, group, or class page to learn more.

Sunday, August 13

  • Baptism Sunday – OKC and Edmond Campuses
  • 4th Grade Farewell – OKC Campus
  • Crossings 56 Graduation Pancake Celebration – OKC Campus
  • Crossings Students 78 Pelican Bay – OKC and Edmond Student
  • Adult Ministry Volunteer Training – Edmond Campus

Friday, August 18

  • Crossings 56 Jammin’ in the Gym – OKC Campus

Saturday, August 19

  • All Singles Fall Kickoff – OKC Campus
  • Nursery Family Experience – OKC Campus

Sunday, August 20

*OKC Campus: Kids (4 years-1st grade) move to the First Floor Children’s Wing. Grades 2nd-4th (previously using room 250) move to the Second Floor Children’s Wing.

*Edmond Campus: The new Crossings 56 (5th & 6th grade) ministry begins with Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. on the 2nd floor. Crossings 78 (7th & 8th grade) and Crossings 912 (9th-12th grade) volunteer in different ministries during the 9:30 a.m. service and sit together in the Venue student section during the 11:00 a.m. service.

Wednesday, August 23

Saturday, August 26

Sunday, August 27

  • Crossings Students 78 7th Grade Hang – OKC Campus
  • Point of Grace Concert – OKC Campus

Tuesday, August 29

Wednesday, August 30

Thursday, August 31

  • The Club Leader Orientation – Crossings Community Center

Monday, September 4

Tuesday, September 5

Wednesdays, September 6-October 11

Thursday, September 7

  • The Club Kickoff Party – Crossings Community Center

Saturdays, September 9-October 14

Sunday, September 10

Monday, September 11

Tuesday, September 12

Tuesdays, September 12-December 12

Wednesday, September 13

Thursday, September 14

Sundays, September 17 and 24

Monday, September 18

Tuesday, September 19

Wednesdays, September 20 and 27

Don’t forget to follow us on social media and download our app for helpful push notifications and to stay in-the-know!

CS 78 NOLA Highlights

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Crossings 78 students had a blast on the New Orleans mission trip earlier this summer with 40 students and 9 leaders completing 20 community service hours! Explore this story for more details about the trip and some great photos!

Our students signed up to take a week out of their summers to go and serve the Lower Ninth Ward and the St. Bernard Parish of New Orleans, Louisiana. What they didn’t realize is that the Lord would start stirring a desire for them to be for each other and for their neighbors. Starting the mission off with a prayer tour around the city. Going to different parks, levy’s, schools, battlegrounds, etc. Seeing empty lots from where the hurricane had wiped the houses away to seeing new houses that brought new beginnings. God changed our hearts from only seeing the opposition of this city to seeing joy and beauty within it all!

Serving this community was an honor. Whether it be pulling weeds with a business whose local garden hires special needs adults to help run it and getting to pray that God gives them funding to keep going to painting a local school gym that has only been in use for a year since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Our favorite times were meeting some of the locals and being able to love and encourage them to keep being “A Voice of Hope” in their community. We walked away feeling beyond grateful for those around us and for the connection we have with each other at Crossings as well as being grateful that we live in a community (OKC and Crossings) that values faith and love.

Our students being Jesus in the little things — take a look at these stories!

Eating our brown bag lunches at a park, one of our students overheard a family playing that the little girl was hungry and the mom told her they didn’t have food for today. So our students gave them their lunches and grabbed the extras to give to them as well.

While painting the gym, a local family was helping direct us, and their teenage daughter opened up to our students about life and we got to pray over her after we finished serving.

After worship the last night, we went down to the French Quarter to Cafe Du Monde and got beignets! Some of our students struck up conversation with one of the workers that was on break and they ended up praying with him before they left.
Our students seeing the McDonald’s worker looked like she was having a bad day, engaging in conversation with her, and praying over her life as they ate lunch.

The last night of the trip, we went down to the French Quarter, ate beignets at Cafe Du Monde, and then had youth group time on the steps leading up to the Mississippi River in front of Jackson Square and St. Peter’s Cathedral. This is a very historic location, with New Orleans having a reputation, but sitting there on the steps, hearing the students boldly proclaim what God was doing in their lives and how they were impacted by the week, it reminded me that in the midst of sinfulness, selfishness, uncertainties, and hardships, God’s presence is real and alive! His love for the people of New Orleans and for us laid deep in our hearts.


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