Freedom from Shackles: How Bobby Jacks Found Jesus Through Jail

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When you think about life change and humility, many things may come to mind. One statement you probably don’t immediately think of is “I thanked the officers who arrested me.” But for Bobby Jacks, that statement was a turning point in his spiritual journey and in every way in his life.

Bobby Jacks grew up in church and began attending Belle Isle in 1997. His life progressed in line with the all-American dream: he got married in 1999 and had two beautiful daughters, Lexi and Emily. Not in keeping with his original dream was his divorce in 2010; Bobby struggled with addictions to pain pills and gambling which eventually led him to a meth addiction.

Bobby recalls a dark milestone in his addiction. “I was using intravenously and was trying to hit a vein for several hours. I stood up and saw blood running from my neck, arms, legs — I saw myself in the mirror and all I said was, ‘God help me.'” He remembers that meth didn’t have any effect on him after that point; he continued using for six more months and found himself in a jail cell. He didn’t know then, but that arrest would be his very last.

“I was sitting in jail and I remembered that I asked God for help. It didn’t come the way I wanted, but it did come. I asked Him to put someone in my life who could tell me what to do, because I didn’t know what to do.” Bobby’s uncle and Crossings Clinic Director, Steve Turner, prayed for him and helped him enter into a six-month rehab program. Following that program, Bobby went to Living Faith, a ministry to men who are coming out of prison. He met a man named David McBride who helped him by providing him a place to stay and help growing in his relationship with Christ.

Everything didn’t go as planned, though; when Bobby got a great job as a dental assistant, he was faced with the challenges of addiction again. “Someone asked me if I wanted to go get high,” he remembers. “To me, that was saying, ‘Do you want to give up your relationship with Christ? Do you want to go back to the hell God just got you out of?'” He lost that job because he said no to that temptation. “I stood up for what’s right. I’d do it again tomorrow.”

When Bobby’s life and the life of David Prater, Oklahoma County District Attorney, intersected at Living Faith, God used both men to create a powerful relationship. “When I heard about Bobby losing his job, I said, ‘I’m proud of you,'” David remembers. His next question to Bobby was “would you like to come work with me?”

Bobby didn’t hesitate to leap into a new job with David. “When I run into David in the halls,” Bobby says, “I find myself saying, “‘we’ve got people to help today.’ That doesn’t mean to pardon them, that doesn’t mean to write them a free ticket. Locking someone up is, at the time, the worst thing that could happen. But it truly saved my life.”

Bobby recalls a verse that was crucial to his spiritual growth: Psalm 23:2.

He makes me to lie down in green pastures: he leads me beside the still waters.

“My pasture was a prison cell. He made me take time there to think about the green pastures in my life: my future. In jail, I thought, there’s no life in here. But it dawned on me that I was having a conversation with God. My green pasture was finally talking with Christ.”

Bobby continues to work with David and grow in his walk with Christ every day. He says there is only one goal he’s pursuing: “to one day hear Christ say, ‘well done.'”

You can view Bobby Jacks’ full story below.

Single Adults Super Bowl Watch Party 2018

Singles Super Bowl Watch Party 2018

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We had a blast for the Singles Super Bowl Watch Party 2018! We enjoyed watching the game, chatting, and eating some awesome snacks!

“Thank you, Crossings, for a good time at the Singles Super Bowl Watch Party!”

Take a look at some highlights from the evening below!


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Jumpstart Your Marriage

Jumpstart Your Marriage 2017

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We had a blast at Jumpstart Your Marriage this year! Take a look at the photo gallery below for some fun highlights!

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Sacrificial Love: The Guttenberger Family

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When Rick and Denise Guttenberger began the journey to a family, they were met with infertility struggles that caused them to ask: “What is our goal in all of this?” They agreed on their goal of having a family–no matter how that came to be–and eventually submitted applications for adoption. Through that process, they decided to select “multiple siblings” as an option. Even though their agency, which specialized in adoptions from Korea, said it was unlikely they would be able to adopt multiples due to the low incidence of multiple births in Korea, the Guttenbergers specified “triplets” on their application anyway.

The Guttenbergers were the only people who had specified “triplets” as an option on their application–a leap of faith that matched them to their sons, Jack and Harry, and their daughter, Lucy.

“Every day, they show us how much they love us and they ask nothing in return.”

Take a look at the Guttenberger family’s story in the video below.

SeeWorth Academy Christmas Party 2017

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Crossings Community Church has partnered with SeeWorth Academy for 11 years and we had a blast serving approximately 350 students this year! Over 70 volunteers partnered with SeeWorth Academy to celebrate the season of Christmas and the birth of Jesus! Volunteers and students enjoyed personal interactions through shared activities like gingerbread house decorating, bingo, crafts, painting, and more! Each student received a custom hoodie, a bag of candy, and a gift card. On the high school campus, one student came up to a group of Crossings volunteers and gave them each a piece of the best candy in his bag to share his gift and to say thank you!

Missions at Crossings works with inner-city students and skilled volunteers to mentor students on life skills development, planning for a successful future, and relationship development during the school year. Service groups also join in for campus beautification projects, sports physicals for the athletes, and hosting high school graduation at Crossings OKC.

If you’d like to speak into the life of a middle or high school student on a regular basis to offer experience, strength, and hope, contact Pam Millington, Pastor of Missions / Outreach at Take a look at some highlights from the SeeWorth Christmas Party below!

Crossings Community Center – Christmas Getaway Highlights

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We had a blast December 7 at the Devon Ice Rink and Hideaway Pizza for our Crossings Community Center Christmas celebration! 52 students and 6 leaders enjoyed a day together to ice skate, eat, and enjoy fellowship together in Midtown before heading back to the Crossings Community Center to open their backpacks from Crossings. One student had this to say about her experience: “one of the best days of my life!” Take a look at some highlights from the day below:

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Singles Thanksgiving 2017 Highlights

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We had a blast at Single Adult Ministry’s Thanksgiving Dinner this November! Here’s what one of our attendees had to say about the event:

“When I walked into the atrium, I was welcomed with smiling hosts and a transformed and brightly decorated dinner time. I was so impressed with every detail: table top boxes, table cloths, stage. Then the evening began: awesome ice breaker, Thanksgiving meal, game show fun, singles who showed up and showed out in creative costumes and a message from the Bible from Dave and a closing in prayer. I had such a great evening and everyone around me was smiling and laughing all evening. You made so many singles have a warm, fun and spiritually-lifting experience. This didn’t just happen. Lots of planning, personal time after work, and muscle went into pulling off a very wonderful time.”

Learn more about Single Adult Ministry right here!

Eugene Field Christmas Party

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We had a blast at the Eugene Field Christmas party as part of our Christmas Outreach program! Since 2006, Crossings has partnered with Eugene Field to support the teachers and students and to show the love of God through serving others. Our goal was to partner with one of the schools in the Oklahoma City Public School System that struggled the most with trying scores, parent involvement, behavior issues, and others. This Christmas season, our 91 volunteers served 383 students — take a look at the highlights below!

Saturday Serve - Crossings Edmond

Saturday Serve Highlights

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On Saturday, November 4th, Crossings Students Edmond went to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma for our monthly Saturday Serve.

It was fun to see that the boxes we packed for the school weekend bags are a part of the relationship that Crossings Edmond has with Sunset Elementary! Our students were able to have a direct impact on the school that Crossings Edmond has adopted. We had 15 students and leaders participating — take a look at the highlights below!

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