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Global Missions Partners Respond to COVID-19

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Crossings Family, we are so excited to share how God has been moving through our global missions partners, which include the following organizations: Enlace, Water4, SAT-7, Heart for Lebanon, and Roatan Horizons! Explore update letters, videos, and photos below to learn more about how each of our missions partners has boldly responded to the needs arising from COVID-19!

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Roatan Trip 2017

Roatan, Honduras Trip Highlights

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Our global outreach trip to Roatan, Honduras this February was a blast! Crossings women partnered with missionary Deborah Hunnicutt to serve the community and exchange cultural practices with local women. Take a look at some highlights from this trip in the video and photo gallery below!

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A Letter From Roatan

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Gathering and Growing Hunnicutt-for-web

When I was a girl, we gathered. We gathered for cereal or eggs or rice, depending on the time of day and where we were living. We gathered around the Egermeier’s Bible daily. We gathered for Sunday School and birthdays and seashell exploration. We gathered as a family. We gathered as a church. Above all, we needed each other. I needed a community, a gathering, because by the time I was 18, we had moved 22 times as we served Christ all across the globe. And when I wandered away from my community during my college years, they were never too far behind. My parents unconditionally loved me from their calling in Australia and Tanzania. My connections in the Church of God were still there when I left Anderson, Indiana, and found myself in Oklahoma, eventually landing at Crossings, which, at that time, was Belle Isle. Joining a Community Group and participating in Sunday school classes gave me connections and friendships that carried me through some incredibly difficult times.

Connecting Through Crossings

When there wasn’t money for electricity or food because the ministry where I worked wasn’t generating income, the church stepped in. When I found myself on my knees, wondering how I would make it through the next difficult day separated from my now deceased husband, my community embraced me and whispered prayers and words of encouragement. Crossings connected me with lifelong friends, mentors, and prayer warriors who have traveled with me on a journey I never would have scripted for myself. One Sunday night over six years ago, I found myself surrounded by community once again as God confirmed a calling He had been placing on my life. It was time to go serve Him overseas. I remember slamming my Bible on the floor. No, God! There’s no way I’m moving again! I love my life here! I’m not my parents. This is my home. I’m serving you HERE. But it was time. And dear brothers and sisters came alongside me that night, ignoring my Bible-tossing temper tantrum and helped me process the huge shift that was about to take place.

Being Where God Wants You

Despite living in or visiting five of the seven continents, I had never made it to Central America. Of course, God was calling me to Honduras. One of my greatest fears in moving here was the possibility of isolation. I’m a single woman living on an island. Island fever is real, especially when the island is only four miles wide and thirty miles long. What a surprise it was when the Lord blessed me with even more special communities here— from my second church family to my “sons” and “daughters” at the Christian school we started on the island, to my English students who have become my friends to other workers in Honduras. Perhaps the biggest surprise, though, was the huge growth in community—the new gatherings taking place—within my Crossings family. Each of the mission trip teams that have come has been a great encouragement to me. Their friendship extends beyond the week they spend here and one of my greatest joys is seeing them face-to-face again when I come home during the summer and Christmas. What a blessing it is to continue the legacy of my parents who served God all over the world through the Church of God as I now have the privilege to serve in Roatan, Honduras, through the Church of God and Crossings.

It’s a beautiful thing to be in the place God wants you. I know that’s where I am. My heart is full, and at times I can’t believe I’m actually here—that this life has been gifted to me. To have so many taking the journey with me is amazing; Through Crossings, I’m part of a growing gathering, even from 1,500 miles away.

Experience what it is like to walk in Deborah’s shoes by joining the next Learning and Cultural Engagement trip for women (Jan. 30-Feb. 6, 2016). For more information, contact Pam Millington at 405-302-1267 or You can also visit our Missions page to learn more about Missions through Crossings and stay up-to-date with current trips, events, and information.

Written by Sarah Hunnicutt (as told by her mother Deborah), Missions/Outreach Ministry Volunteer