Crossings Ministries Come Together with Feed the Children

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We love getting to share how different Crossings ministries can join together to be a voice of hope in our community. This week, staff and volunteers from our Crossings Community Center, Missions team, and the Crossings Disaster Response Team picked up boxes of food and hygiene products from Feed the Children. These boxes went to individuals in our community who need help in this time.

Thank you, Crossings family, for your continued support and prayers! Take a look at highlights below!


There are numerous opportunities for you to get involved through our COVID-19 Response Team. Explore this page for more information on volunteer opportunities, resources, and more!

350 Disaster Backpacks Delivered to Children Affected by Hurricane Florence

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As Hurricane Florence made landfall September 14, 2018, both North and South Carolina were affected by the devastating winds and record-breaking flooding. Over 2,500 people were sheltered in North Carolina alone and an estimated 759,000 homes and businesses were damaged.

During this disastrous event, many school-aged children sought shelter in the school they attended after being forced to evacuate their homes. When children live through disasters like that of Hurricane Florence, their mental, emotional, and physical health can be disturbed, as can their education. Injury, irregular eating habits due to inadequate food supplies, and death are possible during these traumatic events. The stress of losing loved ones, homes, and possessions and being forced to relocate additionally weigh on these children.

All of these factors contribute to a child’s sense of security and stability, but fortunately, meeting a simple need with a few resources help children regain their sense of ownership and free-form expression.

Feed the Children, a non-profit organization whose mission is to “provide hope and resources for those without life’s essentials,” creates and shares Disaster Backpacks designed specifically for children who have been impacted by a disaster like Hurricane Florence.

Feed the Children is currently working with 19 community partners to identify needs and gaps in services for these children and their families. 37 shipments of relief supplies totaling 792,000 pounds of food, water, personal care items, cleaning supplies, and other essentials have been allocated.

In September, Crossings Community Church through the Missions ministry had the opportunity to partner with Feed the Children to be a voice of hope and to demonstrate God’s love to these affected families. Second through fourth graders at the Crossings OKC campus created 350 Disaster Backpacks to send to children who have been displaced from their homes and their belongings due to the hurricane. Each backpack is full of personal hygiene items, a plush toy, and a copy of The Comfort Quilt, a coloring book that helps children recover emotionally and spiritually from the losses they’ve experienced.

Take a look at how God is using Crossings to love our neighbors near and far:

Learn more about Crossings Disaster Response Team here or Crossings Missions ministry right here.

The Dollar Club – June 2015

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When disaster hits the heartland, Crossings Community Church’s Disaster Response Team steps up. See how your dollars made a difference for one Crossings family.

“I had just finished my last final at the University of Central Oklahoma when my husband sent me a text to get off the road – when I pulled into our driveway, the neighbors came to get me and bring me down into their storm shelter with them. When we got out of the storm shelter [after the most severe storms passed], water started seeping into our house and covering everything.”

One Crossings family faced devastation when their home began flooding during the peak of our storm season here in the heartland. Their home and cars were flooded to the point that upholstery and carpet had to be completely removed throughout the house and in both their family vehicles.

Immediately following the storm the next morning, as the family was busy trying to put their home back together, they received a call from Crossings Disaster Response Team (CDRT). Jennifer Bardell, Director of Children’s Ministry at Crossings, reached out to the family and, upon learning about their situation, contacted CDRT on their behalf. The family prayed and Crossings prayed for them, and within hours, Jeff Stewart, Senior Associate Pastor at Crossings, contacted them.

“There’s been a huge outpouring of support from Crossings Disaster Response Team. We’ve had our foundation repaired, Empty Nesters helping us, Children’s Ministry, 2nd through 4th grades have been helping out – we definitely couldn’t have done this without our Crossings family.”

Learn more about Crossings Dollar Club here, and learn more about how you can get involved with Crossings Disaster Response Team here.