Joseph Harp Correctional Center Chapel Opens

| Sep 12, 2022

Joseph Harp Correctional Center Chapel Opens

On Saturday, September 10, 2022, Crossings celebrated with the men of Joseph Harp as their new chapel officially opened. The new chapel serves as a tangible reminder of God's love for those behind bars and the staff and volunteers who selflessly serve them.

Pastor Jeremiah Braudrick, Director of Crossings Prison Campuses shared the heart and purpose of the new chapel: "We're so thrilled to finally give the community at Joseph Harp this wonderful gift, and we hope it serves as a refuge for everyone and a brief escape from their current situation. We also hope it serves as a symbol of how much we love them—and how much God still loves them and deeply desires community with them, despite their status of 'inmate.' More than anything, our hope is the chapel serves as a tool for the church in their community, to show the love of God to a population who may have forgotten what it was like to be loved, valued, and sought after, even in prison... especially in prison."

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