It is clear that leaders in God’s Kingdom are far different from leaders in the world. Jesus taught a leadership that was rooted in servanthood. He modeled a leadership that began with others in mind. Leadership in the church is to be no different, and includes:


The Elders, members of the church body comprised of men and women, are the final human authority to the major decisions that are made at Crossings. They serve three-year terms and are ratified by church vote each January. Other than the Elders, there are three committees which govern major areas of church management and are under the oversight of the Elders:

  • Finance and Facility Committee

    These men and women use their gifts to steward the resources with which God has blessed us. They approve the annual budget, capital and un-budgeted expenditures during the year, and keep a watchful eye on the current financial picture.

  • Personnel Committee

    Members of this committee use their gifts to oversee major personnel issues, from the hiring of senior staff to compensation.

  • Missions Committee

    Keeping a watchful eye on Crossings’ local, national, and international mission efforts is the passion of this committee. One of their most important functions is to help keep Crossings members engaged in serving.


The staff functions in three main categories:

  • Ministry Leadership Team: oversees ministry directive and personnel
  • Ministry Staff: oversee all the sub-ministries of the church
  • Administrative Staff: supports the Ministry Staff