Christmas Guest Services 2021

We provide remarkable hospitality so people can find and follow Jesus.

Volunteer positions needed:

Golf Cart Driver - With a campus as large as Crossings we want to ensure people make it to the building in a safe and timely manner. From the fun of a golf cart ride for kids, to assisting the elderly, the role golf cart drivers play is extremely important. From friendly conversation and a genuine "Welcome to Crossings!" golf cart drivers make a warm welcome for our community!

Greeters - Welcome our community and city to Crossings Candlelight services through simple and quick but impactful interactions. Greeters help set the tone for worship with warm greetings, hand shakes, and smiles as people enter the building and worship rooms. No matter who they are, we want everyone to feel welcome and at home at Crossings!

Hosts - Act as a central location for information as well as assisting guests find their next step at Crossings. No matter where they are in their faith, we want them to leave with the information they need from a friendly, empathetic host.

How many people will you be registering?