The purpose of Crossings’ Prison Campuses is to welcome our brothers and sisters behind bars to become a valued part of our church family. Our model is to simply launch Crossings campuses behind the walls of our local prisons and give men and women, both inside and outside of prison, the opportunity to attend church together.

We invite the imprisoned to walk alongside us, as we aspire to be a Christ-centered people who live by faith, are a voice of hope, and are known by love. We draw no distinctions between those on the outside and those on the inside. We are all broken and in need of a Savior. We are all called to serve God and serve others, whether we are free or incarcerated. Crossings Prison Campuses, made up of several different locations, tries to model that every day.

What Does a Volunteer Look Like?

What Does a Volunteer Look Like?

Volunteers should be marked by faith, hope, and love as they are serving at Crossings Prison Campuses. They should:

  • Have a Christ-centered mindset.
  • Humanize the inmates; come ready to learn about them and from them.
  • Practice active listening when working with inmates.
  • Ensure they have time; do not act as if they are in a hurry.
  • Know their emotional, physical, and personal boundaries when working with inmates.
  • Be themselves and treat inmates with dignity.
  • Not undermine prison staff or Crossings procedures; be mindful and wise when volunteering in prisons.
  • Ask their Team Leader when in doubt on a question.
How Can I Serve?

How Can I Serve?

Flexibly. Passionately. Selflessly.   

Launching a church in a prison is one of the most rewarding and challenging of all Kingdom undertakings. It’s a messy, all-hands-on-deck venture that requires great sweat, bold prayers, deep faith, and rich sacrifice, but all the hard work is far outweighed by the joy and reward of experiencing friends behind bars who find and follow Jesus. 

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Pen Pal Ministry

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