For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another.

1 John 3:11


In March 2014, I visited NorthPoint Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia with three others from Crossings to take a look at how this very successful organization operates. We visit churches periodically to pick up ideas on how to improve things in Oklahoma City.

One of the areas we visited at NorthPoint was a volunteer lounge used as a gathering place for those serving. On the wall in the lounge was a quote I will never forget. It has stuck with me over the years and has impacted how I try to live my life. The quote simply said, “Walk slowly through the crowd.”

These words touched me deeply because I am a task-oriented person. I’m always looking to get the next thing done. If I was a girl, my name would most definitely be Martha. The problem with this type of orientation is that it is hard to slow down and notice others. It’s a challenge to listen, to encourage, and to be present.

God tells us in Scripture our greatest purpose and task in life is to love one another. The problem is, we can’t do this if we are too busy or moving too fast to notice and spend time with someone else.

My encouragement for you today is to walk slowly through the crowd and pay attention to those around you. Remember this at home, at work, at the store, at church, and everywhere else you go.

Slow down enough to give someone a smile, lend a listening ear, or offer a word of encouragement. If you do this, you will fulfill the purpose God has given all of us on this earth: to love others as he has loved you.

Ryan Brown

Connection Pastor


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