The Vulnerable Children and Families Ministry exists to meet a one-time tangible need strengthening a family who is in the Child Welfare space through CarePortal; by providing support to children and families connected to foster care or adoption through the weekly support and education group called Chosen OKC; or by providing a temporary volunteer extended family network, called Safe Families, aimed at preventing the need for Foster Care.

This network of local partnerships, support gatherings, and educational forums, provides hope for the orphaned and marginalized child or family for restoration with Christ’s love offered by a caring church community.

Safe Families

Safe Families Oklahoma, a volunteer movement, is part of a nationwide effort designed to support vulnerable children and parents in need.

Christian families engage in the spiritual practice of biblical hospitality by opening their homes to vulnerable children whose parents are experiencing a short-term emergency or crisis.

Parents voluntarily allow their children to stay in safe, loving homes while they seek to restore stability in their lives. Typically, the assistance to these families lasts only a few months.

Crossings is leading this community initiative and is dedicated to providing family support, stabilization and, most importantly, preventing child abuse. You can learn more about Safe Families in the video right here, on the Safe Families page here or on their website. Ready to get involved? Complete the volunteer form below to let us know you’re interested in learning more.

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Care Portal

The Care Portal helps create a platform to connect churches and agencies in the child welfare space to address the needs of hurting children and families. Often small things like a bus pass, electric bill, or a twin bed can be what stands between a child staying with their family or entering foster care. By meeting the practical needs such as this, our goals are to see less children entering the state’s foster care system, family preservation, better resources for children aging out of foster care, and more children finding permanent, loving homes through adoption.

The Care Portal is a unique opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of families in our community! Click the button below to sign up to be on the Crossings Response Team. By sharing your email address, you will receive a weekly email that lists the specific needs of children, families, and social workers in our community.

Care Portal Needs

Chosen OKC

The number of orphans worldwide is staggering. In our own state, thousands of children are victims of abuse or neglect every day and end up in the state foster care system. We believe that the church should play a role in supporting, equipping, and loving foster and adoptive families through every part of the journey. As followers of Jesus, we have the opportunity to show them the love of a heavenly father whether they are across the world or in our own neighborhood.

Chosen OKC is committed to serving families and children as they walk the foster and adoptive journey. Join us for our Wednesday night classes to get more information about the process, find support and wisdom from other families, hear from educated speakers, and learn practical tips and parenting styles that work best for children from hard places.

Chosen OKC meets Wednesday nights in room 238 and registration is required. For updated class information, announcements, events and more, like our Facebook page and read the Chosen story below!

Karis Adoption Fund

The Karis Adoption Fund exists to help Christian families in Oklahoma, North Texas and Louisiana offset the cost of domestic as well as international adoptions. The Karis Adoption Fund Board has decided to also make limited funds available to help Christian families in the Ukraine adopt children from their own country through a program called Adoption Without Borders.

From its beginning the Karis Adoption Fund has intentionally focused on helping Christian families offset the cost of adoptions. The scope of our focus is not linked to one Christian denomination over another; rather, we intentionally welcome the addition of other evangelical, Gospel-believing churches and individuals that seek to promote, fund, or benefit from the Karis Adoption Fund.

The Karis Adoption Fund is managed by Lifesong for Orphans. Interested applicants may go here to find out how to acquire an application. Submitting an application does not guarantee an applicant will receive funds; however, it is the first step.

Lifesong has been blessed with a partner that underwrites all US administrative and fund-raising costs. This means that 100% of your donation to the Karis Adoption Fund will go directly to the need…changing the label of children from Orphans to Sons and Daughters.

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