Volunteer Stacy Penix got her start volunteering at Crossings OKC campus right after her first child was born. After she and her husband, Aaron, grew familiar with the Nursery Ministry at Crossings, she felt called to give back to the community who had been caring for her son.

“My first volunteer role at Crossings was with the newborns through three-year-olds,” Stacy says. She’s been a part of volunteer ministry for nearly 12 years, and has served in many different ministries and volunteer roles. Currently, she’s a volunteer on Sunday mornings with Crossings Students 78, a program designed for students in 7th and 8th grades. Stacy’s role is to be a warm, smiling face and an encourager as part of the First Impressions team, and she loves it.

Her current volunteer role is dramatically different from other opportunities she’s had. She’s been in teaching roles or rocking babies in the nursery, but she feels she’s in a unique position in Crossings 78. “When I’m volunteering, I remind myself that I might be the first person this student speaks to on a Sunday morning, and my attitude and response to them could set the tone for their day.”

Stacy’s advice to those who are on the fence about getting involved through volunteering? “The days I don’t feel like volunteering seem to be the days that I gain more from serving the students and my fellow volunteers. When you least expect it, or don’t feel up to it, God is still working in you.”

“When you least expect it, or don’t feel up to it, God is still working in you.” – Stacy Penix

There are numerous ways to volunteer at Crossings OKC or Crossings Edmond no matter your spiritual gifts or your volunteer passions! Check out our Volunteer Opportunities, which are updated every week, to see the top needs for the week right here.

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