When Jessica Martens first came to Crossings in the fall of 2016, she knew she had found her church home. “I felt so at home the first time I came to Crossings,” she remembers. “I started volunteering because I wanted to share that same love I received with others.”

Jessica felt a strong nudge to volunteer and share her specific spiritual gifting with the church body as much as possible. In early 2017, she joined the college ministry at Crossings and jumped into volunteering right away. “I knew I loved the church,” she says, “but it felt like something was missing. When I finally got plugged into a small group and began volunteering my time, I felt God work in ways that I’d never experienced before.” Her spiritual gifts, vibrant personality, and heart for loving those around her have led her to make the most of her time serving and getting involved at Crossings.

Jessica’s volunteer roles have varied since she’s gotten involved. She initially served as a worship leader for College Ministry, and that opportunity led her to become an intern for Crossings KIDS ministry. She loves getting to use her many spiritual gifts to demonstrate God’s love every week in a number of ways. “Loving Jesus and loving people–it doesn’t get much better than that!”

Her favorite thing about volunteering is, unquestionably, the community she’s found. Jessica loves the “beautiful community of volunteers” which includes everyone from worship leaders, to greeters, to small group leaders. “Growing in community with each other and hearing testimonies has been life-changing,” she says. Her selflessness and charge to serve those around her are certainly life-changing, too.

For those who are on the fence about getting involved through volunteering, Jessica has a few simple words of encouragement: “do it! Take the step!” She’s all-in for serving in any and every way she’s been called. “I promise the Lord will not leave your gift of time unfulfilled,” she says. “God has revealed more to me about Himself in my times of serving the body of Christ than in any other form of worship.”

“God has revealed more to me about Himself in my times of serving the body of Christ than in any other form of worship.” – Jessica Martens

There are numerous ways to volunteer at Crossings OKC or Crossings Edmond no matter your spiritual gifts or your volunteer passions! Check out our Volunteer Opportunities, which are updated every week, to see the top needs for the week right here.

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