Train Up a Child

Amy Snow

Learning and Leading

Many of us choose a motto to guide us in living our lives. Crossings volunteer, Amy Snow, is no exception. She and her husband made a commitment to follow Proverbs 22:6 in raising their son. Amy realizes that one important way to show her son the way he should go is through setting an example of service to the Lord.

Amy is no stranger to the importance of service. She grew up attending a small church where her mom was involved in service with multiple ministries. On Easter Sunday of 1997, she and her family decided to attend services at Crossings and never left. Amy went to college and continued to attend church at Crossings after she graduated. Amy then experienced two significant events in her life. She married her husband and together they had a beautiful daughter. Amy’s daughter was born with special needs and did not live past the age of two. While this was an experience Amy could never prepare for, the love and support of the church was integral in her healing.

Getting Connected

After her second child Davis was born, Amy felt led and ready to look for a place to volunteer. She began watching the church bulletin to see how she could get connected and saw an opportunity to help in the special needs class for children. She didn’t act on it the first time she saw it, but the second sighting prompted her to volunteer. “It’s a big step to hear a calling and actually act on it, trusting God to lead.” Five years later, Amy continues in her commitment to this ministry and says, “I can’t imagine not doing this!”

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. -Proverbs 22:6

For Amy, working with this group of children is a new experience every Sunday. One moment she can be rescuing kids out of the ball pit or, a short time later, be talking to them about Jesus and how much He loves them. The team she works with has become her community group. Their common goal of seeking Christ while ministering to these children strengthens their bond of commitment to His calling. In Amy’s words, “We are helping the kids get love, and their cup filled with God’s Word.”

Showing Jesus’ Love

When asked why she has stayed committed to this ministry for so long, Amy offered several reasons. Initially, being involved in this ministry helped her deal with the loss she was feeling. Taking care of her daughter had been such a large part of her life, and this somewhat helped fill that hole. Eventually, her focus turned to offering stability to the kids in her class. This stability they experience comes from having a church family who cares for them, prays over them during times of transition in other areas of their life, and continually shows them the love of Jesus.

As a parent of a child with special needs, Amy also realized this ministry provides respite and support to the parents, allowing them to be fed spiritually while their children are in a safe setting. She admits to having moments where she wondered if she should help in her son’s class. Instead, she decided to introduce him to her ministry so he could have the experience of loving others with special needs. This is just one more opportunity for Amy to “train up her child.”

When we follow the path God, the creator and author of our lives, is leading us, He can and will provide an opportunity to honor Him through our service – just as He has done for Amy and the children she ministers to every week.

“Train Up a Child” originally published by volunteer writer, Sheila Urton