Touched by Grace

Bob AkridgeWith over 2600 active volunteers at last count, volunteerism at Crossings Community Church is not only a big part of the Crossings experience, but critical to its success. When asked about his volunteerism at Crossings, Bob Akridge simply says, “It’s what we do.” Indeed, as the body of Christ, we are called to serve, encourage and support one another; it’s just what we do – and Bob has been doing it in various capacities for the fifteen years he’s been at Crossings!

Bob believes in a large church, the biggest resource is volunteers. Volunteers are needed to make church happen. Not only is volunteering a great way to serve God and the community, it’s a great way to plug in and gain new friendships.

Bob’s parents were active in church when he was young, and he has served in many areas for most of his life, including in leadership and music. When he arrived at Crossings, he started out volunteering in the Children’s Ministry, teaching 4-year-olds before he had his own kids. He was one of the original ushers in the Gym service before it became the Venue service, and soon became an usher captain. He remembers that Jami Smith was the worship leader then, and it started out with around 200-300 people and grew from there.

Other volunteer opportunities have included teaching Crossings 56, the ministry for 5th and 6th graders, but the last two years have been spent recruiting other volunteers. You can find him Sundays at the Volunteer Ministry desk in the Atrium helping those who wish to volunteer find a place where there is a need.

It can be easy to get lost in a big church, and volunteering is a great way to find your home within Crossings.

Bob works in health care as an administrator for a national physician’s services company. Married to wife Debby, they have two children, Reagan (in grade school) and Ryan (in middle school). He is trying to set a great example for his children to become active in church, just like the wonderful testament his parents set for him. Despite busy schedules, he feels, “It’s important to make serving a priority in our lives – it’s just part of being in Christ!” He knows that he and his family have been touched by the volunteer efforts of others serving them – and certainly touched by the friendships he has gained while serving.

Thinking about volunteering? Bob’s advice is: 1) It’s just a great thing to do! If you don’t know, find out what your spiritual gifts are and how you can match them up to the many volunteer opportunities Crossings has to offer. Remember, there are one-time volunteer opportunities available to get your feet wet before you commit to longer term service; and 2) Visit the Volunteer Ministry desk in the Atrium and talk to one of the volunteer coordinators there – maybe even Bob! They are eager to meet you and help you find your perfect place to serve.

There are so many truly heartwarming stories at Crossings about how volunteers help others and in so doing, reap the rewards of God’s kingdom. Bob and other volunteers like him truly make a difference. “It’s what we do!” and you can too!

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