This Little Light of Mine

Allyson Wolfe and Small GroupMany know this children’s song by heart from their childhood or from their children serenading them for hours after learning it in church. For Children’s Ministry volunteer, Allyson Wolfe, it has become a theme song for her life with Christ.

Allyson came to Crossings Community Church at the Belle Isle location when she was in 4th grade. Her family began attending the church at the invitation of a friend. They had attended another church but as she puts it, “we were excited to get a free donut but didn’t feel connected.” When they came to Crossings, they immediately felt like they were part of a family. The church and the people in it made such an impact on her that Allyson still recalls her Sunday School teachers by name, memories of playing a snowman in the Christmas program, and many other experiences.

Early on, Allyson knew that she wanted to work with children. This lead her to a career in Education. She moved to Texas with her first job and stayed there for eight years. In an effort to be closer to family, she moved back to Oklahoma. When she returned, she came back to Crossings. Her family was still attending there along with the people that had become her extended family. Going somewhere else did not seem like an option. She was amazed at the growth in the church since she had moved but could not picture going anywhere else. It took some time for her to find her place, but God had already gone before her to prepare a place for her to be involved.

After teaching two years in Oklahoma, circumstances led Allyson to seek a job in another field. This was not an easy decision for her as her heart was in teaching. Through prayer and the Lord’s leading, Allyson accepted a job as a land tech for an oil company. While she was grateful for this opportunity, she found that she missed working with children. She volunteered at the church in other areas but knew she was being called to serve the children of Crossings. After prayer and seeking, God provided the opportunity for her to volunteer as a teacher in the preschool area of the church – a position Allyson will describe as one that “fills her bucket.”

When asked what verse she would choose to describe her time volunteering with children, Allyson chose Mark 5:14-16:

We are the light of the world, glowing in the night for all to see. Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your Heavenly Father.

Explaining how these verses relate to her volunteering with kids, Allyson stated, “They (preschoolers) let their lights shine bright for all to see. They love Jesus endlessly! They are a light in my life and one of my good deeds for all to see. I praise Him for sending me the light of four year olds.”

Even as Allyson found her place to volunteer, God’s plan for her involvement in Crossings didn’t stop there. While volunteering, she met another young lady that introduced her to a group of like-minded Godly single women. Through small group study, the Centered class, and social gatherings, this group continues to challenge Allyson to dig deeper in God’s Word and reflect on her relationship with Christ every day.

Whether listening to her preschoolers sing about shining their light for Jesus, studying with her small group, or listening to the latest sermon series, at Crossings, Allyson finds the encouragement to shine her light for the Lord as she lives her life for Him.

“This Little Light of Mine” originally published by Sheila Urton, Crossings Volunteer Writing Team