The Dollar Club – May 2015

Take a look at Regis’ story to see how The Dollar Club @ Crossings is making a difference in the lives of those in need in our community.

Regis has a pretty crazy story about how he got to Oklahoma and Crossings. He was almost finished with his Master’s degree when he picked up his life and moved to Oklahoma without knowing a single soul in the state. Regis has a heart for ministry, however, and quickly knew he wanted to be trained in ministry back home with only one hitch: his car died.

It may seem like a simple – though costly – issue to fix, but to Regis and his community, it was a devastating blow. Where Regis grew up and lived before he moved to Oklahoma, having the ability to give a car ride was a vital and special thing. Regis had grown accustomed to providing rides in his community to help those in need in any way he could. This community was and is one Regis cares passionately about because he is pastoring them, taking care of them, and encouraging them.

As Regis thinks back about this community that means so much to him, he says, [blockquote]Sometimes I don’t even have the explanation. Things happen, and you wonder why – what I’ve learned is this: whatever happens to you, the issue is not what happens, but it is your response to whatever is coming next. I’ve seen God- God has been so faithful, so maybe there’s a way he’s going to provide. God is big enough to provide.

Each Sunday, over 5,000 people gather at Crossings for worship. As an act of worship, we collect tithes and offerings in each of our services. Many of those 5,000 people give cash and some of it is in the form of $1.00 bills. We set aside those $1.00 bills each week so at the end of each month, we can gift the entire total of $1.00 bills to a person, family, or ministry in need.

Regis was chosen as our recipient of the Dollar Club @ Crossings this month to aid in his transportation and encouragement to the community he loves so much.

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