Jesus said, “Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

Matthew 13:9

DEVOTION – JULY 28, 2019

I’ve recently been researching our family history. I wanted to have something concrete to hand off to our kids and grandkids. Doing so requires lots of due diligence. Most ancestry information these days is on the Internet in various formats, but the most reliable and accurate information to be found is always firsthand data.

So, I called my 100-year-old aunt who lives in Stillwater. 100 years old!

As she began to recount her childhood, she said the work on their farm was very, very hard. She said each child was given a hoe and taught to clear weeds from the field. Weeds can completely overtake a crop or garden in no time at all and, thus, rob you of your livelihood and nutrition. It was all hands on deck to keep the weeds cleared from the soil so a healthy crop could grow.

This immediately reminded me of the Parable of the Sower found in Matthew 13. For healthy seed to mature, it requires good soil, water, proper space, and sunlight. Once weeds are introduced and not maintained, they compete with other plants, rob the nutrition from the ground, and eventually outgrow and overtake the original plant.

Similarly, doing nothing opens one’s heart to be infiltrated with things that choke out God’s Word. At the time, a farmer was a good example for this parable. Today, it might be you or me as the example Jesus might use. What do you think Jesus would call out as things today that would choke out his Word from being planted in your heart?

Jesus didn’t say being a bad gardener would keep us from being his children, but he emphasizes how much his Word can flourish when it lands in clean soil and takes deep root. He then leaves it up to us to grab a hoe and clear out the weeds that might have crept into our heart.

What God wants for us is a bumper crop of his Word flowing from our lives. Matthew 13:8 says that good soils can produce 100 times what God has planted.

After all, the most important ancestry story I can leave our kids and grandkids is about our faith in Jesus, and this is best accomplished with a clean heart. What about you? What will your ancestry story be?


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your holy and inspired words of Scripture. Thank you for its loving presence which convicts us when needed, feeds us as your followers, helps us mature into firm believers, and assures us of your love and our future. Lord, I pray that we who claim to be your children are diligently attending to maintain the soil of our hearts and we find the seed of your words taking deep root.


Steve Turner

Project Manager


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