It’s Simple – I Just Like to Volunteer!

Jesse Ray for WebJesse Ray is a self-proclaimed “simple man.” When asked why he volunteers, he just says, “Because I like to!”

He started attending Crossings when his daughter was three, and his son was around six or seven years old. He began by volunteering in the nursery, but because he was on the third shift in a demanding job, he eventually had to stop. Later, he ended up between jobs, and took the opportunity to volunteer for Crossings KIDS helping lead the third grade boys, where his son attended.

Landing a new job, he felt that his then current volunteer efforts took a little too much time away from his children. So, he changed volunteer opportunities to what he is doing now – helping in the parking lot on Sundays driving a cart every week (or two) and helping refill the pews weekly with pens and envelopes.

It is notable that Jesse lives in Marshall, Oklahoma and drives 40 miles each way to volunteer on his days off and attend church. That is dedication! And the Crossings ball cap he wears speaks to some of that dedication, as well.

Why does he like it? One big reason is he just loves the kids, especially when they get on the golf cart with their families, and they have so much fun being chauffeured. He misses it when he’s not scheduled on a weekend. He says it fills something inside him and brings a little sunshine and joy into his life, and, of course, without volunteers like Jesse, Crossings just couldn’t work!

When asked what he would say to someone who is considering volunteering, he immediately and passionately just says, “Do it!” That’s simple and straightforward – like Jesse himself – who believes volunteering is fulfilling, joyful, and necessary to God’s kingdom. So why not just “do it?”

If you’d like to be a part of our volunteer team, go check out our volunteer page for opportunities, resources, and a volunteer placement quiz that will help you find the best fit for your passions.