Serving Generously

Choir - Serving Generously

Written by Susie Wilson, Assistant to Worship Ministry

Singing and Serving

When I think of the Crossings choir, the word “generosity” immediately comes to mind. Wikipedia states, “Generosity is the habit of giving without expecting anything in return. It can involve offering time, assets or talents to aid someone in need.” describes generosity as, “readiness or liberality in giving.” This is exactly what I get to experience through this community of singers.

I have witnessed firsthand the munificence of this amazing group of people.

My husband, two children, and I first attended Crossings 14 years ago. We were all awed and inspired by the worship music as well as the teaching. Since music is my passion and I come from a family of musicians, it only seems natural that music was my first connection to Crossings. It didn’t take me long to make the decision to join the choir, and I was immediately welcomed into the “family”—it’s like having a little church within the larger church! Soon after, I was hired full-time as Assistant to Worship Ministry and began working more directly with the choir.

Sharing Life Together

One of the great joys of my job is getting to know all the choir members. I am often overwhelmed with their self-sacrifice and giving. I have repeatedly observed all the attributes of generosity previously listed. These people willingly give their time and talents, committing to weekly rehearsals, and singing for Sunday morning services. More amazing, though, is their generosity with each other; how they share in each other’s lives is an inspiration to me.

The choir has its own version of small groups, which they call “Care Groups.” What a perfect name. Choir members have pooled resources to help those in need, as well as giving to the general choir ministry. Many times, I have been the designated messenger of an anonymous donation to a choir member who is facing a difficult challenge. They have stepped in to give their time and resources to members recovering from serious injuries, illness or the loss of a loved one.

One member even went as far as to donate a kidney to the son of another choir member. (This story was in the Fall 2013 issue of Crossings Magazine.)

The choir shares life together—celebrating weddings, births, graduations, new jobs, etc. They offer comfort, friendship and support; they pray for each other.

What a privilege it is to sing and serve alongside this great group. Seeing their generosity in action and the love of Christ expressed through these relationships has enriched my life. Come by the choir room on a Wednesday evening or Sunday morning and observe for yourself. Or better yet, join us—we’re always ready to welcome new singers to our family.

Singers Say…

Albany Cooper | Choir Member, 2 1⁄2 Years

The first year I was at Crossings, I sat out in the congregation by myself because my husband was in the orchestra. I loved Crossings even then, but felt disconnected. I was frustrated that I never recognized anyone, and no one recognized me. Finally, one Wednesday night I decided to try out the choir. The outpouring of love I felt from everyone was completely unexpected. I was so welcomed and never felt out of place or unwanted. This talented group of people is dedicated to serving Christ and singing their best every Sunday. As a group, they are dynamic and compelling; as individuals they are caring and intentional. I volunteer in the choir because I haven’t had a church home in years, and singing with them every Sunday feels more like home every week.

Elizabeth “Biz” Klessig | Choir Member, 2 Months

I started coming to Crossings about two years ago. When I finally decided I wanted to join the choir I was apprehensive … but found it was the perfect opportunity to serve the church and have fun at the same time. I feel blessed to be singing the songs with the choir as I love the music and the community.

As   with  one  voice,

proclaiming God’s truth

through music.

—Dr. Phil Moore

“Serving Generously” originally published by Susie Wilson, assistant to Worship Ministry, in the Spring 2014 edition of Crossings Magazine.