Hobe BurganRecharge. That’s exactly what happens to usher Hobe Burgan every Sunday morning when he meets and greets fellow Crossings members and visitors. “Sunday morning church is the place where I recharge my faith batteries,” explains Burgan. And while he enjoys his Sunday church service, he, in turn, serves others while attending.

For the past ten years, Burgan has faithfully given of his time and talents as an usher in the 9:15 Sanctuary service. As a self-proclaimed people person, Burgan feels right at home with his duties. “I get to meet and greet all of my friends,” says Burgan. These friendships have evolved over the years. For the past seven years, Burgan has served as an usher in the same section. The friendships have grown as Burgan visits those who are ill or calls the ones who haven’t shown up in a few weeks.

As Burgan arrives early each Sunday, he puts 14 bulletins in seats for his faithful regulars and then lights a candle for his wife, Jane. Hobe and Jane have been married 56 years. She currently is homebound with Parkinson’s. He is thankful for the time he gets to spend at church reflecting on their life together. “I thank God for the life we have had. That is important to me,” he explains. He finds his time at church solidifies his faith explaining that now more than ever it is important that his faith doesn’t waiver. “I’m not worried about that,” he explains, “but I need reinforcement. Who doesn’t?”

Burgan encourages everyone to find a role in the church. He says ushering was not out of his comfort zone and an easy fit. By finding roles that blend with your personality, it will just fit. “Try it. You are going to end up receiving more than you give.”

Burgan and his wife attended church most of their life together. However, for a brief period prior to attending Crossings, they didn’t have a church home. After a lengthy conversation with a long time longtime friend, who is a Catholic priest, Jane told Hobe it was time to find a church. They landed at Crossings. “It immediately felt like home. It didn’t feel like a large church,” explained Burgan. Burgan now views attendance at church as his highest priority. “I feel it is important to be there. It works for me.”

Recharge originally published by Suzanne Chew, Crossings Volunteer Writing Team Member