Raised to Serve

A New Perspective

Sometimes age is a necessary ingredient to completely understand and appreciate our upbringing. Rearing children also gives us a perspective we can only know once they are born. For Sharie Robertson, both of these life events converged, and she was better able to appreciate what she had all these years.

Sharie was raised in Del City, Oklahoma with Christian parents in a hard-working world. Money was tight, but her parents were certain to take her to church each time the doors were open. “My parents were and still are such a huge blessing in my life and the lives of our children.” Sharie didn’t think she had an interesting or unique story to tell the world but, once again, with the perspective of age comes wisdom.

Giving Her Life to Christ

During one Sunday evening church service at the age of seven, Sharie decided to give her heart and life to Christ. She vividly remembers this life-changing event. She said she “knew she was a sinner and needed to have a Savior!” Sharie considers herself a fortunate person because everyone in her young life was a true example of a Christ follower. She had a lot of aunts, uncles and grandparents who were great role models. She said “having this faith base kept me from a lot of heartache growing up.”

Sharie and her husband, John, have been married for nearly 33 years and have 2 children and 1 son-in-law, and they all actively attend Crossings. One of the greatest things about Sharie is her willingness to serve. She has served all of her life in one capacity or another and thinks there is a place for everyone to do the same. When her children were little, she taught 3 year olds and kindergarteners – then moved into a 3rd grade class as her children grew. “I really loved being around the older kids so I stayed with the 3rd graders for 10 years.” she said.

There are so many places and ways to serve in our church! We all have different skill sets, time restraints and gifts, but there is always some way to reach out! I get so much out of it and feel like I get all of the benefits. People just need to be able to find a place of service and begin somewhere.

After that, Sharie and another woman led a Huddle Group at church. They began meeting on Wednesday nights with a group of 7th grade girls and continued meeting for the next 6 years. They became so close with this group. These two leaders were loving listeners and gave Godly counsel and guidance in areas like the dangers of alcohol, problems with other friends and family, and even lost boyfriends. Most of the girls didn’t come from families that were regular churchgoers, but some are now serving as leaders in the college age group, and Sharie still keeps in touch with others as they are well into their own lives. “The girls are passing it on,” she said.

Willing to Serve

Sharie continues to serve, and she admits she loves people! She loves to hug and talk and listen to the people that have come into her life through serving! She volunteers as a substitute homeroom parent at Eugene Field Elementary School. With her background in education, it’s a perfect fit, and she’s able to help the teacher by tutoring in different areas with the students. Each week as a volunteer at The Club, which meets at the new Crossings Community Center, she makes an effort to hug as many of the John Marshall students as she can as they come through the doors! She wants to be a living example of Jesus Christ to them. Sharie loves establishing a relationship with the kids AND their families as well! When she is out running errands, she often sees a student’s grandparents or parents and stops to visit and hug them too!

Sharie is certain she receives more than she could ever give.

“Raised to Serve” originally written by Misti Aduddell, Crossings Volunteer Writing Team member.