Every place on which the sole of your foot treads, I have given it to you, just as I spoke to Moses. We are believing Him for a great harvest of new believers in the cities and neighborhoods He sent us to. We know that He heard our prayers, and that it is His will that people come to salvation, and we trust in His time, our prayers will bear fruit for the gospel.

Joshua 1:3


The first time I prayer walked was in 2009 on a mission trip to India. Our team was in a remote rural area of India located on the Bhutan border. We had the opportunity to walk with my Compassion child, Bharsha. Bharsha and her family are Hindu. Her mom worked outside of the area and one day, she just didn’t come home. Like many other women, she disappeared not to be heard from again, and was thought to be captured into the sexual slave trade industry. Bharsha lived with her father, who worked 16 hour days in a cement factory for two dollars, her special needs brother, and her grandmother.

Bharsha does not speak English. As we walked hand in hand down the dirt road to her home, I noticed every step, every house, every emaciated animal, every person, every potential danger, every sight, sound, and smell (oh the smells!). We passed the Hindu Temple then arrived at Bharsha’s shack house on stilts. The staircase up to the house was fragile with many broken stairs. As well nourished Americans, we were afraid we would fall through them, so we tried to walk lightly and around the splintered holes.

As we walked, I prayed aloud. God prompted the prayers—I prayed for this community. I prayed for the physical and spiritual health of those who lived there. I prayed they would be able to feed their families, they would be safe and free from capture, and they would be healthy and have access to clean water.

We made eye contact with those along the way, smiled, and acknowledged we saw them. I prayed for each house and the people who lived in them. I prayed they would be willing to meet Jesus and, more importantly, accept him as not just one more of their Gods, but as the one true God.

God is stirring us to take our prayers beyond the walls of our church buildings. As we put feet to our prayers, we pray with huge kingdom-sized hope for our neighborhoods, entire cities, and our world.

Prayer walking is praying on-site with insight. It is simply praying in the very places we expect God to bring his answers. Prayers are intercessory rather than devotional. When we prayer walk, we learn to pray beyond own concerns and focusing prayer on behalf of others.

You don’t have to go on a mission trip to prayer walk. Why not pick a place in your own city or neighborhood and set a date on the calendar to prayer walk? Take a friend or two or go after dinner with your spouse and children. Go with excitement and ask God to show you what he wants you to see, pray how he wants, and intercede for his people.

Let God show you!


Heavenly Father,

Help create in me a desire to intercede on behalf of others. Open my eyes and let me see through your lens. Let me see the brokenness around me and also let me rejoice and give thanks for the blessings and gifts that already exist. Use me in my neighborhood and in our city to intercede on behalf of others so they may come to know your love and experience the only source of hope which comes through your son.


Pam Millington

Pastor of Missions & Outreach Ministries


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