Half the Church by Carolyn Custis James half-the-church-main

I first picked up Half the Church because other authors kept quoting Carolyn Custis James. I knew immediately why she is so popular. She has a refreshing way of communicating truth, even controversial topics, with intelligence and respect. In Half the Church, she simply describes the situation of women around the world without apology, supported by critical observation and plenty of empirical data. She blows holes in the American Evangelical view of women by stating that the good news has to be good news for women everywhere, in the third world, as well as the first.

James reframes the Good News and insists that God’s desire is to redeem and restore all that was broken in the fall, not only God’s relationship with mankind, but human relationships with each other. If you are part of God’s church, you are part of the plan of redemption. James creates a beautiful vision of men and women working together, side-by-side in the church. Don’t read this book if you’re not ready for a challenge!


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