Books by Crossings Pastors

We are grateful to have gifted pastors at Crossings, including a handful whose gifts include writing. The books listed below are written by pastors who are on staff at Crossings and have invaluable wisdom to share. Explore all of their books below and click on the title of each book to order it.


The Serenity Prayer - this short book provides a new perspective on a common prayer.

Restored - Restoration stories always involve some kind of suffering, or obstacle that needs to be overcome. And we all have areas in life where restoration is needed. Maybe it's your marriage, your relationship with your children, a struggle with anxiety or depression, insecurity, or anger and resentment. Wherever you are, you can experience restoration and healing when you allow Jesus to do the work. Jesus Christ can restore every area of your life.


An Advent Celebration - This book is intended to guide your family or small group through an intentional season of advent, which means to look forward to the coming. Using this book, take time to pause with loved ones during the busy season of Christmas and reflect on the birth of Jesus while strengthening your relationships. This is available in a small group version and a family version.


The Optimism of Grace - The Optimism of Grace is so titled because of the nature of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Grace is both the promise and experience of The Gospel and the reason for an optimistic view of what is offered in this life because of Jesus Christ and his work. In these pages you will recognize the optimism of God’s grace as both Pardon and Power.

Making Sense out of Spirituality - Are you looking for God? God has always been seeking people, but they have not always been looking for him. Today, many people are engaged in an honest, often desperate, search to know God. This marvelous book introduces him. In this book, Dr. Cliff Sanders cuts through the mistaken, sometimes muddled, thoughts that we have about God to reveal a true picture of the God who created you, who loves you, and who wants a relationship with you more than you realize.


Simple Small Groups - Over the past two decades, small groups have gone from spontaneous gatherings among friends to a major and elaborate phenomenon in the church. Many evangelical churches have some form of small groups ministry in place. But there's just one problem, what started as a simple get-together has become a complicated process, especially for small group leaders. In Simple Small Groups, discover the three C's of small groups—connecting, changing, and cultivating. This paradigm helps to simplify leading small groups in a way that is helpful, rewarding, and life changing. 

The Essential Guide for Small Group Leaders - Every group has struggles. Every group has its ups and downs. Every leader feels overwhelmed at some point. But there’s good news—the answers to your biggest leadership questions are pretty simple. There are easy steps you can take and simple principles you can apply that will solve the most common problems your group will encounter. In this book, you’ll find simple, clear answers presented in quick lists so you can easily find what you need.

Vibrant Small Groups: A 5-Step Process to Create a Ministry That Fits Your Church - Are you tired of chasing the latest trends, jumping from model to model, or not gaining any traction with groups? Think like a missionary. Forget about what God is doing in other churches. Instead contextualize ministry for the location God has placed your church. Vibrant Small Groups guides your leadership team through a series of essential questions and helpful discussions to cultivate a ministry that fits your church.


Removing the Dragon Skin - For anyone who has ever longed for God but always felt like his love was just out of reach; for anyone whose messy story has made them feel like a third-string player on God's team; for anyone whose soul feels beaten, battered, and in desperate need of some healing, C. S. Lewis just may have a remedy. This collection of essays and memoirs, delivered by an author whose fundamentalist upbringing painted a picture of a God who was simply impossible to please, are written for anyone whose has struggled with their spiritual self-worth. After life threw him a few curveballs, he was convinced that the God whose approval he yearned for, simply had no use for him. Lewis helped to changed that.