How Can We Be a Voice of Hope?

One aspect of the vision at Crossings is to be a voice of hope. The name of this new initiative is very intentional. It’s meant to help keep our focus on the goal of sharing Jesus with those in our existing community and the communities we hope to build in the future. It’s a reminder that this initiative isn’t about us; it’s about what God can do through us if we allow him.

As you’ll see, the scope of this initiative is substantial: opening two new Crossings locations, expanding a prison chapel, adding ministry space to existing locations, and preparing for the future.

We know this is a huge undertaking, and we don’t ask for your participation lightly. These projects have been prayed over extensively by the Elders and leadership of Crossings, and we believe this is where God is leading us.

We pray as you look over this page, you will see the opportunities God has so clearly put before us. We hope you’ll prayerfully consider your commitment to be a voice of hope in our communities now and to those in the future.

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Explore Stories of Hope

Explore Stories of Hope

There are many stories of hope from the Crossings family where people felt welcomed, encouraged, supported, and much more. We are honored to be a part of peoples lives who are finding renewed hope, inspired purpose, and a sense of belonging. The Voice of Hope Initiative will allow us to continue being part of life change.

Watch Stories of Hope

Keep scrolling for more about the Voice of Hope Initiative and how you can get involved. 

Crossings East Edmond

Crossings East Edmond

We purchased 11 acres of land at Covell and Air Depot using funds generously donated during the 2019 GO capital campaign. As a part of the Voice of Hope Initiative, we’re asking for funds to construct a building for the new church on that land. This is the biggest allocation of funds in the Voice of Hope Initiative due partially to high building and material costs.

The vision for Crossings East Edmond is to be a voice of hope to the growing population east of I-35 right now and for decades to come. This building will have space for adult Sunday School classes, kids and students programming, and a Venue for a contemporary worship service.

Crossings Mayfair

Crossings Mayfair

Mayfair Church of Christ has graciously given their building to us to become Crossings Mayfair, along with a global missions ministry, a committed staff, and a congregation that is motivated to reach the community. Crossings will provide families that want to be a part of this new effort, a pastoral staff, our ministries, and our Wesleyan doctrinal roots. We are thankful for our Church of Christ friends and their willingness to do “whatever it takes” to reach the community. Mayfair and Crossings realize there is more to unite us than divide us; we are truly one in the essentials.

Funds from the Voice of Hope Initiative will allow us to renovate areas of the existing building to make necessary changes to prepare it for our ministries, including a place to experience meaningful worship and space for kids to learn about Jesus in a fun environment, just like our other Crossings locations.

Crossings Edmond Adult Education Expansion

Crossings Edmond Adult Education Expansion

Given the rapid growth of the Adult Education Ministry taking place at Crossings Edmond and their desire for connection on Sundays and throughout the week, we need more space for Sunday School and Wednesday Night classes. Funds from the Voice of Hope Initiative will allow us to build more classrooms and spaces for adults to gather in community and grow in their faith.

  • Three Adult Education rooms (can be divided to make six rooms)
  • More space for 5th & 6th graders
  • 2nd-4th grade kids get to move to first floor Crossings Kids area
Jess Dunn Chapel Expansion

Jess Dunn Chapel Expansion

Jess Dunn Correctional Center has been one of our closest partners since the launch of our Prison Ministry, and it is one of our most attended prison services. This gathering continues to grow, and there have been times when our media team has set up three overflow rooms to fit everyone.

Through the Voice of Hope Initiative, we have the opportunity to help expand the existing chapel and update the equipment at Jess Dunn Correctional Center to create a more dynamic worship experience and make space to welcome more people into the Crossings family. We are excited for the opportunity to be a voice of hope to even more incarcerated individuals through this prison chapel expansion.

In August 2022, we were approached about merging Good Shepherd Clinic in Midtown with our existing clinic. We are honored and grateful for this opportunity to expand our mission of proclaiming the message of Jesus by serving the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of vulnerable members of our community through consistent, quality medical, dental, and vision services.

We look at it this way: we now have one clinic with two locations. Because we want to ensure we are providing the same standard of service across all locations, it is important the clinics have the same technology, equipment, etc. Funds raised through the Voice of Hope Initiative will enable us to make needed enhancements to Crossings Clinic - Midtown.

As you’ve seen above, God has placed multiple opportunities before us, and we don’t expect him to stop anytime soon. Another aspect of the Voice of Hope Initiative is raising funds for future opportunities that we don’t even know about yet. This could be anything from purchasing land for new church buildings, purchasing existing buildings and preparing them for our ministries, expanding ministry efforts at current locations, and more. As our culture and our opportunities change—and as, unfortunately, more and more churches are closing their doors—we want to be ready to move where God leads us to meet the needs of new communities.

These funds require faith because we aren’t even certain what God has in mind for us yet. We trust God to show us how we can continue to be a voice of hope, and we want to be prepared when he brings those opportunities to us.

The Crossings Community Endowment started in 2017 and allows Crossings members and friends to extend their financial support of the church’s Christ-centered vision to impact our community and world during and beyond their lifetimes.

Being debt free has always been part of the Crossings legacy, and the endowment helps us ensure it will continue to remain part of our legacy. The Endowment is a support organization to the church that provides long-term financial assistance to Crossings and its ministries for many years.

All gifts given to the Endowment are gathered for investment then funds from the investment earnings are given to expand church ministries, improve church campuses, and aid in the development of new ministries as opportunities arise.

Ten percent of all contributions to the Voice of Hope Initiative will go directly to the Endowment, allowing us to be a voice of hope to future generations of Crossings attendees because donations to the Endowment are gifts that “keep on giving” for years to come.

Our newest worship service was launched at the Community Center on October 2, 2022. We have been blessed to further develop our relationship with the surrounding community through this weekly service. As this service grows, so does the need for permanent equipment. Currently the service uses rented media equipment, so funds from the Voice of Hope Initiative will be used to provide for the more permanent needs of this service for the people worshiping at Crossings Community Center each Sunday.

These funds will go towards replacing and updating 12-year-old equipment in the Crossings OKC Sanctuary, allowing us to continue providing an excellent worship experience for our in-person and online attendees.

How Can you Be a Part?

How Can you Be a Part?


Pray for Crossings—our current community and our future communities. Pray about what God wants you to give to help us be a voice of hope in our communities.


Take a step of faith and give sacrificially towards this initiative. Make a giving decision that honors God and that is right for you. Your giving schedule may be weekly, monthly, or another schedule of your choice.

Note: If you are not consistently tithing to the church, we ask you to do that first, even if it means you cannot give to Voice of Hope. Biblically, tithes fund the ministries of the church.