Did you know you can tailor your notifications in the Crossings App? Taking a few moments to customize your notifications can help you stay updated on events and classes in the ministries most important to you. Here’s how to quickly and easily opt into the notification groups:

  1. Download the Crossings App for your phone or other mobile device.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Click the menu in the upper lefthand side of the screen (this looks like three bars and is also known as a “hamburger” menu).
  4. Click on “Settings” to open up the settings for the Crossings App.
  5. Enable Location Services (set to “Always” to get the most accurate notifications) and then select “Notifications.”
  6. In the Notifications section of the app, you can toggle on the notification groups you want to be a part of in addition to General messages, which are the standard notification group.

Open the App Menu

Go to Settings

Open Notifications

Choose Notification Groups

We’ve got a variety of groups you can be a part of, and we hope you find this tool useful! Each notification group will receive notifications specifically designed for that age or stage of life, so you don’t miss out on upcoming events, classes, or other announcements! Opt in to up to 20 groups that best suit your needs, and don’t worry about missing a notification — you can read all notifications sent to your groups in the “Inbox” portion of the App!

Please note: our General group is designed for all major church-wide updates, such as campus closures, inclement weather, emergencies, and other priority needs, so it’s helpful to opt into this group for those updates.

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