Dear Crossings Family,

As you know, our mission as a church is to help people find and follow Jesus. Everything we do is either to encourage and support the Christ-follower in growing closer to Jesus or to help others come to a place where they can be confident in the decision to follow Christ. We invest heavily of our time, energy, and resources in weekly ministry opportunities that accomplish this mission. Our primary focus is Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

For most of our 60 years, we have offered a summer program for kids that we affectionately call Vacation Bible School (VBS). When I was a kid, it was an evening program for the whole family. Crossings has traditionally offered this to children on four consecutive mornings in June. Last year, VBS exceeded capacity at the OKC campus and is rapidly growing at the Edmond campus. This has caused us to pause and ask ourselves, “How do we continue to do this? Do we offer two options, a morning and an afternoon? Do we limit it to only Crossings families?” After prayerfully considering different options, we decided to focus our efforts on another solution.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to do VBS differently for 2020 and make it available to the entire church family. I’m excited to announce VBS for Everyone which will be on four Wednesday nights this summer (July 8-29). The kids will still get memorable music they can enjoy all year long as well as exciting Bible stories. There will be bounce houses and other fun activities for the kids, as well as a variety of food options for all.

Adults will enjoy inspiring and relevant topics that help us navigate the extreme challenges facing us in this world. Guest speakers will lead us through complex discussions on the very difficult issues we are facing every day.

Having this on Wednesday nights offers the greatest opportunity for each person in the Crossings family to get involved. It opens the door for those who are at work during the day to experience VBS in the evening. We see this as a win-win for all. We hope you will pray as we prepare this unforgettable, mid-summer experience for the whole Crossings family.



As the number of people impacted both online and at our physical campuses grows, we have carefully considered how we can continue to meet the needs of our expanding congregation. This time last year, over 75,000 people engaged with us on a monthly basis via digital media. As of this month, we are seeing nearly 143,000 people joining us each month through our various digital media platforms. We are working diligently to provide resources such as Bible study materials for those unable to get to an Oklahoma location. These individuals love and value our church. They are finding hope and encouragement from our ministries. They just aren’t inside a building.

In order to have the space and ability to respond to the needs of the thousands looking to us for study materials, worship, and teaching—as well as provide our growing Atrium service a better worship experience—we will be closing the Bookstore and Library. We will continue to find ways to share Pastor Picks, book recommendations, small group materials, etc. Current bookstore staff will be reassigned to another ministry. Additionally, the Perk Place Coffee Shop will be relocated inside the current kitchen area to help reduce distraction and noise during the Atrium worship service.

Join us in praying for the families and individuals you may invite, for the ministry teams impacted and, ultimately, that we can all grow closer to God this summer.


If you have any questions, please contact us at news@crossings.church.