Today, Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs announced to the Crossings congregation the decision not to pursue the First Christian Church property at NW 36th & Walker.
In April, we came to an agreement to pursue the acquisition of the First Christian Church building and entered a due diligence period. This period was spent evaluating the feasibility of this opportunity to make it suitable for our purposes as a satellite campus. After months of prayer, research, and inspection, we have determined it best not to proceed.
Unfortunately, the overall cost was much higher than we anticipated. The total cost of this endeavor would exceed $20 million. It became far more than what our leadership and elders were willing to invest; particularly in light of our 60-year commitment not to incur any long-term debt.
Though this is not the outcome that we had hoped for, we are confident that we have diligently pursued and carefully considered all aspects of this opportunity. We are especially thankful for the great friendship we have developed with First Christian Church during this process, and pray for them as they move forward.


As we continue to pursue the possibility of a satellite location in the First Christian Church building on 36th and Walker, we are thankful to have the potential opportunity to serve this community while also preserving an iconic church that is very important to our city. We fully recognize the unique architecture and history which accompanies this church building is near and dear to the hearts of many in Oklahoma City, including those in our congregation at Crossings Community Church. Throughout this process, our intentions have been–and will continue to be–to keep the external structure of the church intact and not demolish the building.

As it relates to the agreement at the Tuesday, May 21, City Council meeting, we are pleased that the approved agreement provides protection for the building, both now and into the future.

In June, we plan to have an information session allowing anyone who is interested to ask questions of our church leadership. Further information will be posted on when the date, time, and additional details for this event have been confirmed. We continue to ask our church and our city to pray for us as we seek God’s direction in this opportunity.


Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs announced on Easter Sunday that Crossings is pursuing the possibility of a satellite location in the iconic First Christian Church building at NW 36th and Walker. We have no plans of demolishing the current structure, but rather to have it continue in its originally intended use as a church.
We believe a Crossings campus at 36th and Walker provides incredible potential for our church to reach into another community in our city. The coming months will be spent evaluating this opportunity. View the message below to watch the announcement!


Crossings Community Church is a church dedicated to helping people find and follow Jesus and committed to live by faith, be a voice of hope, and be known by love. Weekly attendance currently averages over 8,000 each weekend across the various campuses, which include the Oklahoma City campus, online community, and the Edmond and Joseph Harp Correctional Center satellite campuses. Crossings is also ministry partners with Crossings Community Center and Clinic, as well as Crossings Christian School.

Watch Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs announce that Crossings is pursuing the possibility of a satellite location in the iconic First Christian Church building at NW 36th and Walker.

“Over the next months, we’re going to spend time evaluating this opportunity and gives us a chance to further invest in our community. I really don’t like to see great churches torn down…and First Christian Church has been a really great church in this community. [They] built a nationwide, highly respected architecture in their building. We really love that location and area of town.” – Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs


As we continue to pray for wisdom, direction, and discernment in this endeavor, we invite you to join us in conversation through our Facebook group Crossings Updates. We will share updates from our pastoral leadership and we ask that you would pray with us about where God will lead us next. Use the red button below to learn more and join!

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Have more questions about the possible satellite location or would like to request an interview? Please contact us at for more details.