Morning Meditation

morning meditation

Unity is an elusive thing. We see it manifest on occasion in teams, communities, tribes, and sometimes in nations, but it’s difficult to maintain. We tend to dwell on our differences as a natural part of human thinking, and it takes an outside force of some kind to counter that tendency. Even families struggle at times to remember the legacy of sacrifice from preceding generations that help mold their identity and allow unity to blossom and become the cohesion necessary to survive difficult times.

Church families can and do have some of the same challenges. Our hope of “holding together” rests in the unchanging nature of our “three-in-one” God, our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. “When all around my soul gives way, He then is all my Hope and Stay” is a phrase we’ve sung many times, and it’s never so poignant as when we’ve just come through a week of trial. We are sustained, we hold together, we are unified, we are centered through the grace of God whose constant desire is for us to love Him and love each other. Let’s continue to be a church where people can discover, or re-discover, the peace that comes through being Christ-centered, where His love brings unity, where His power allows us, as with one voice, to proclaim His greatness to our world.

Dr. Phil Moore, August 31st, 2014