May 31, 2015

morning meditation


Morning thought as we enter to worship God . . .

One of the striking features of European tourism is the constant encounter of monuments and memorials. As an American, I felt like every time I turned around, my attention was captured and drawn to some momentous event from the distant past. I was forced to reorient myself within my own vocabulary-words like “old” and “long ago” and “before” took on a whole new meaning. In Budapest, there is a huge monument featuring Arpad, the barbarian invader who conquered the Carpathian basin and founded the city in the year 896. The monument was built in 1896 to mark the city’s one-thousandth birthday. The awe it inspired helped me understand why so many of my Hungarian students were named Arpad. Their parents may have hoped that some element of this leader’s character would live on in their own sons.

We remember not so that we can live in the glories of the past. We remember so that the glory may shine into the future. As followers of Christ, we remember His life, death and resurrection. We call ourselves Christian in the hope that the character of Christ may continue to live in us.

– Deidre Franklin, Pastor of Spiritual Formation