March 13, 2016

morning meditation

[divider_padding] Last week as he began the sermon series on Jesus, Pastor Matt Anderson mentioned that in the Bible, we see anointing occurs for prophets, priests and kings. In this week’s Gospel lesson, we find Jesus being anointed at Bethany by Mary, Lazarus’ sister. Mary’s actions were born out of her extravagant love for Jesus. Mary’s love for Jesus ran so deep there was no gift that was too good for Jesus, not even Mary’s most expensive perfume. Mary joyfully gave what she had, gladly serving her Master without reservation. We are called to serve Jesus with the same abandon, with the same extravagant love, withholding nothing. Notice that as Mary anointed Jesus’ feet, the aroma of her gift filled the room. No doubt it was a beautiful and pleasing aroma to all who had gathered. When our love for Jesus moves us to serve Him whole-heartedly, as we love and serve others, it should have the same effect as Mary’s gift … a pleasing aroma that blesses all who are near.
– Michael Milligan, Pastor of Pastoral Care