Knights in the Service of the Spirit

CCC KISS WeekOver the 14-year history of Crossings Christian School, volunteers have worked tirelessly in support of the mission to develop Christ-centered servant leaders. Our students have learned by example and are truly living out this mission every day.

Being Christ-Centered Leaders

Last year, the CCS Student Council introduced K.I.S.S. Week (Knights in the Service of the Spirit), an annual event which dedicates a week to living out our mission of Christ-centered servant leadership by reaching into our community—volunteering our time and resources to others. Students participated in over 1,683 hours of service during the inaugural K.I.S.S. Week and have set a goal to serve over 2000 hours in 2014.

Service opportunities will include volunteering at the Regional Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity—lending support to these ministries that meet the most basic needs. Others will spend time with patients at local cancer centers and nursing homes, allowing students the opportunity to provide prayer and emotional support.

Heeding Their Calls

Still other CCS students will live out Christ-centered servant leadership while working with children at local elementary schools and animals at equestrian riding centers.

CCS students are also proving that service to others is a task we are called to do daily. Two CCS siblings, a kindergartner and first grader, recently hosted a coat drive. The coats they collected will be cleaned and distributed to those in need.

Going the Extra Mile

Not long ago, a group of middle school girls went the extra mile while serving at a local food bank: when a father, who had fallen on hard times, was unable to carry the groceries on his own, the girls accompanied him to the bus stop and waited for his bus to arrive—in spite of the snow and sub-zero temperatures.

It is evident God is using the students of Crossings Christian School to continue His mission of serving others.

Developing students into Christ-centered servant leaders is part of our mission statement at Crossings Christian School. Student Council is the perfect forum for this process to develop. It has been a blessing to me, as Student Council Sponsor, to see the presence of Christ weaving through the minds of students as they make decisions and plan events for our school. They are learning the value of working hard and serving through leadership. As we know, Christ is our ultimate example of servant leadership, and as we keep our eyes on Him, it serves as a great reminder of what we should do and how we should carry ourselves. Our student leaders have risen to the call to lead our school through teamwork, sacrifice, and compassion.

—Jill Bailey, Student Council Sponsor

“Knights in the Service of the Spirit” originally published in the Spring 2014 edition of Crossings Magazine.