June 19, 2016

morning meditation

This week’s reading takes us to Elijah heading back to Sinai with his heart in his hands: “I’ve done all these great things for You and now they’re going to kill me. I’ve had enough.” Fear and exhaustion gripped Elijah and sent him reeling into deep depression. N.T. Wright asks, “What was he expecting? A volcanic eruption, literal or theological? A new set of commandments? The renewal of the covenant with him personally, as God had once suggested to Moses?” What he didn’t expect was this question, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” God had to remind Elijah that He had things well in hand: new kings and prophets to be anointed, and 7,000 other Israelites hadn’t worshiped Baal. And further, I’m sure Elijah didn’t expect to hear the Lord pass by in that still small voice. May we, when faced with what life can hurl at us, be reminded that often answers come in the least expected way. Lord help us to hear Your still small voice! – Don Peslis, Associate Pastor of Ministries