June 12, 2016

morning meditation

In our reading from Acts this week, God continues to pour out His Spirit on the early church for their mission in the world. For fathers in today’s society, the task of leading our families can seem as daunting as the calling of those first disciples. Like the disciples who faced opposition from almost every area of Jewish society and culture, it seems that every aspect of our culture is designed to undermine, contradict and discourage living in manner that honors God. The indwelling power of the Holy Spirit allowed those first followers of Christ to stand firm in the face of opposition, just as fathers and husbands must do today in order to be the spiritual leaders of our households that Christ has called us to be. Yes, at times it will seems as if we are swimming upstream, but be encouraged how God exerts His power and provides for us when we undergo such hardships. He does not abandon us.
– from Living the Christian Life & Michael Milligan