Jumpstart Your Marriage 2020 was incredible! Over 1,600 participants and volunteers attended this year’s conference, which was presented by Love and Respect and featured Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and his wife of 46 years, Sarah Eggerichs.

One participant at this year’s Jumpstart Your Marriage conference said, “I attended a marriage conference with my beloved. It was far more impactful than we could have hoped. Thank you, Crossings Community Church, for such a top notch event done with excellence. 20 years of marriage and this is our first actual conference to attend, aside from premarital counseling.

“We feel grateful, affirmed, convicted, and challenged in moving forward. God has blessed me with a godly and good-willed man. We are both imperfect, but willing to submit ourselves to the leadership of the Lord. Good, but challenging times have been upon us…even better days are ahead.”

“Like needing oxygen, she needs unconditional love and he needs unconditional respect. Both have equal needs, though these needs are not the same.” -Sarah and Emerson Eggerichs

Take a look at some highlights from the event below!


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