When Crossings welcomed Joseph Harp Correctional Center as a satellite campus in April 2018, we had no idea what God had in store. Crossings Joseph Harp’s Sunday services reach maximum capacity each week–which means more than two hundred and thirty inmates attend weekly services.

Read on to hear from Connor McDermott, former Crossings Joseph Harp member and current Crossings OKC member, about his experience.

I was a prisoner and you took me in.
Matthew 25:36


When I was 21, I got arrested. I was doing drugs and committing crimes to keep up with my drug habits. When I was arrested, I knew I was going to prison. I knew my life was going to be radically changed, but I didn’t know it was going to be changed for the better.

My first year in prison wasn’t good. Due to my disciplinary problems, I ended up at Joseph Harp as a punishment. As soon as I got there, I felt the power of God. I was still struggling with my drug addiction, but my first day there was the last day I ever did drugs. There’s an anointing on the yard at Joseph Harp–it broke the bondage of my addiction and changed my life.


I was three days away from being released, and I was listening to worship music. The song, “Who You Say I Am,” came on and I was overwhelmed by God’s presence. In those moments, listening to that song, I realized God had freed me even though I was in prison.

God demonstrated his love and power while I was in prison and helped me understand I needed to rely on him to be successful when I got out, and I have done that. I can honestly say, thanks to my brothers at Joseph Harp, the volunteers, and my relationship with God, I haven’t had a bad day since I got out of prison.


Even people who aren’t incarcerated live in prisons–I see that all the time. People are locked up behind fear, anxiety, depression, anger, pride, lust, and other things. The men at Joseph Harp are physically locked up, but it is so incredible to see those who are incarcerated there transformed and freed through their relationships with Christ.

If you feel a tug to volunteer at Crossings Joseph Harp, I encourage you to follow it. By volunteering, you can truly see what a transformed life looks like. You may go expecting to see men locked up, but God will surprise you–you actually see so much freedom. The spirit of the Lord is at Joseph Harp, and the men and volunteers there usher that in. It’s incredible!

Learn more about the GO campaign goals for prison ministry–including establishing new prison locations and building a chapel at Joseph Harp–by visiting the GO campaign page.


Next week, we will hear from Crossings Edmond member and volunteer, Doug Burleson, on how being involved at Crossings Edmond has impacted him!


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